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Topic: Anyone tried Impulse Modeler?

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    Anyone tried Impulse Modeler?

    Has anyone experimented with Aleksey Vaneev\'s Impulse Modeler? I just ran into this site and I can\'t test it myself in the coming days...
    I\'m also curious to how it compares with Cakewalk\'s SoundStage, which I really appreciate for creating early reflections.

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    Re: Anyone tried Impulse Modeler?


    For what it\'s worth, which is next to nothing, I can tell you about the one inconclusive experiment I\'ve made so far with IM, which I bought a month or so ago. I only generated one source-to-the-left/source-to-the-right pair of IRs; it took a looooong time (as in, say, 15-20 minutes each) to render them on my wife\'s 600 Mhz PC (which is where I happened to be working at the time), but that\'s probably because I went into IM\'s preferences and asked for a very high-quality rendering. Using Cool Edit Pro\'s convolver I tried convolving a couple of guitar-duet tracks. Comparing to FX3, I couldn\'t hear much separation or air in the final result; but I\'m confident that it was operator error every step of the way, and that I\'ll get better results next time I take a whack at it. Just about everyone on this forum is a better judge of reverb quality than I am, so I won\'t comment on that aspect.


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