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Topic: LOE - The Etheral Gate (Reconstruction of Felicia Demo Video)

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    LOE - The Etheral Gate (Reconstruction of Felicia Demo Video)

    Ultima VII Style Combat Version:

    Hello friends and all!

    Youtube Video Description:
    Here is another demonstration video of LOE - TEG. I am currently in the process of converting the building in Felicia. As mentioned in my earlier video I was separating indoors and outdoors to two different maps. I have also added some more building to Felicia such as the bakery and jewelry shop. Also, reagents will be used in LOE - TEG for spell casting.

    General Description:
    This is another video from one of my game projects, "Legend of Erthia - The Etheral Gate," this is my Ultima inspired project. I wanted to show some more of the gameplay with an arrangement and a composition.

    My goals for LOE - TEG is to mimic a world and gameplay experience similar to Ultima VI cross Ultima VII. It is meant to be retro style. I finally fixed those constant moving sprites even when still which occurred in my last video.

    The Arrangement in the video is one I did of Stones from Ultima V. The composition is of my own which is called, "Call to Arms," it is one of the battle themes in LOE - TEG.

    *Garritan Products are the main instruments that are going be used in LOE - TEG!

    Libraries used for both the arrangement and composition include:
    - Garritan Personal Orchestra (Call to Arms)
    - Garritan Instant Orchestra (Call to Arms)
    - Vienna Soprano Choir (Call to Arms)
    - Diva Revamp's Soloist (Call to Arms)
    - Sampletekk's Black Grand Piano (Stones)

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    Re: LOE - The Etheral Gate (Reconstruction of Felicia Demo Video)

    I really liked starting at 1:48ish! ~Rodney

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    Re: LOE - The Etheral Gate (Reconstruction of Felicia Demo Video)

    It's always cool to see the whole works all together in your big project, Richard - The game visuals along with sound effects and music. Really fun.

    The gentle, almost sad mood of the opening and closing, when the characters weren't fighting, surprised me. I was going to say the two elements didn't seem to go together, visuals and music, but you know what you're after, and with the whole thing in context, unexpected choices like that probably make more sense.

    I can never get over the Enormity of your big game project!


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    Re: LOE - The Etheral Gate (Reconstruction of Felicia Demo Video)

    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    The stones theme is the main theme from Ultima, I put it in there to bring back some nostalgia to Ultima Fans. I guess it does kind of have sad feel to it but definitely not meant to bring that kind of a mood into the game. Once I finish the map I will upload a demo with the actual theme to Felicia (LOE - TEG Version)

    Thanks again for viewing the video,


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    Re: LOE - The Etheral Gate (Reconstruction of Felicia Demo Video)

    Hello Richard!

    It's great to see another video by you! It's exciting to see the game footage and see how the various pieces of music fit together. The battle music was great. The contrasting section that Rodney mentioned is a classic way to accentuate the importance of the quest the player has embarked upon - even if they do just happen to be taking on some ornery bears!

    Perhaps the transitions between the exploration and battle phases of the game (musically) could be made a bit smoother, but that may not even be an issue with the alternate theme you had mentioned. Overall, the music fits well and does a wonderful job of narrating the story!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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    Re: LOE - The Etheral Gate (Reconstruction of Felicia Demo Video)

    Thanks for watching the game footage and listening to the tunes Michael,

    Indeed, it is a sudden burst of change of music, the first theme however won't be in the game. I will be putting in some proper fades in order to correct this.

    Did you also check out the alternative version in the link below? It is a U7-like way of handling combat.

    Thanks again for the feecback!



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