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Topic: Wizoo Halion Strings demos

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    Wizoo Halion Strings demos


    Some rather nice articulations in there which I haven\'t heard in GOS.

    Interesting having instrument-specific versions of libraries - it could have it\'s advantages although I can see having a number of sample players loaded in the future may take alot of tricky configuring for ram sharing.

    I would have personally preffered Steinberg to upgrade HALion and offer this a multi-platform library although I can see why they haven\'t done that yet!


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    Re: Wizoo Halion Strings demos


    The overall sound is kind of lame, but the portamento demo has some really nice slides, wondering if they made this to be automated somehow?
    That would be cool....


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    Re: Wizoo Halion Strings demos

    I thought exactly the same thing, Lex. I wasn\'t impressed at all until I got to the portamento demo. Some very nice legao playing and slides there. I think they have some kind of automation thing but its not exactly clear..

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    Re: Wizoo Halion Strings demos

    Yeah...I mean, you can get those nice results on legato almost with AO strings as well, but if you work on it for week and a half..
    But if has some smart way of doing it it\'s great..

    I allways wondered what would you get if you would replace GOS legato masking samples with slide up samples?

    Hm, maybe I\'ll try that...


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    Re: Wizoo Halion Strings demos

    I bought the giga version today. It\'s ok, I\'m curious to see what will be out later...

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    Re: Wizoo Halion Strings demos

    lex... about replacing slide samples with masking. It is only \"ok\"

    I\'ve tried it.

    It takes a bit more of a \"smarter\" set up to get it to work.

    I\'ve come up with some ideas, but I think I\'m startign to exhaust my resources. Plus its alot of work,.....you oughta see what I\'m doing for the new update.....sheesh.

    I\'ve had some incredibly cool ideas for slide samples, but I think Aenigma and the guys at Vienna are going to be the kings of legato playing. I\'ll still throw my ideas in the water so everyone can drink, but dont expect me to mix it to taste anytime soon [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    BTW, the short bows sound pretty good in the VSTi here. and the trem basses seem to have a nice sound too. Waiting for some more \"traditional\" demos and a price [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Wizoo Halion Strings demos

    I hear that it\'s about $399

    Very good price.....it will sell really well for that.


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    Re: Wizoo Halion Strings demos

    for that price, it will definitely sell well.

    especially since it doesn\'t require you to have giga, and a bunch of seq\'s use VSTi\'s!!!

    Plus for that price you get the \"smart\" effects liek autoalternating/random notes, and that cool...and could be usefull if tightened up...slide/portamento.

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    Re: Wizoo Halion Strings demos

    Originally posted by esperlad:
    I bought the giga version today. It\'s ok, I\'m curious to see what will be out later...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Huh? Its not out yet is it? Anyhow I thought it was only for HALion?

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