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Topic: Acoustic Upright Bass for Jazz

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    Acoustic Upright Bass for Jazz

    Any nice acoustic upright basses out there for Jazz? I know Trilogy has some upright sounds but ideally I only want an acoustic bass and not the other stuff. Anything out there for EXS24?

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    Re: Acoustic Upright Bass for Jazz

    I like Larry Seyer\'s acoustic bass. Pretty thorough, and a very present sound.

    But I\'m saving my pennies for Trilogy. Seyer takes a good bit of tweaking for performance nuances, and Trilogy is much more playable out of the box.


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    Re: Acoustic Upright Bass for Jazz

    i also don\'t know much upright bass libs but trilogy is definitely cool. you can also control slides and thumbhits (dunno how to express better) with velocity.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Acoustic Upright Bass for Jazz

    Another thumbs up for the Seyer bass. I don\'t have the same experience with it as Eric, but perhaps it is because I learned to perform with it early on doing a several-month job that had lots of jazzy stuff. One great thing about it is that the sustain pedal give you finger-damps, and once you get facile with it, you can do some great performance stuff in real time. There\'s also key-switched harmonics, and the slides are all mapped. One tip I have for using Seyer, is to use the first-postion GIG file rather than the \"optimal,\" which is a bit aggressive. If you want to just go completely nuts, there\'s a position-keyswitch version, which will let you emulate the hand positions of a gen-U-wine bass player. I think at that point, though, one qualifies for a \"dork\" hat, and should take a step back and consider hiring a bass player, haha.

    One tool you definitely need in your arsenal, too, is Waves TransX. It\'s the one-stop wonder tool for making sampled basses, drums, and pianos live together in a mix. It\'s a transient/attack multiband compressor/expander, and is PERFECT for getting things to sit where you want them in the mix. If you\'ve ever had an instrument that won\'t peek out, yet when you bring up the levels it eats the entire mix...TransX is your best friend. I sound like a walking Waves ad when I talk about that plugin, but I\'ve just never used anything that solves so many daily grunt-work problems.

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    Re: Acoustic Upright Bass for Jazz

    Trilogy is great just for the upright bass alone. Just forget about all the other great bass instruments included if you don\'t need them.

    The upright even has variable control over amount of finger noise etc. And, because of the other basses in the library, you can layer and tweak for your own customized version of a very real sounding upright. You also have direct and stage mics to choose from or mix.

    I\'m a bass player, and this is the first modern bass library I have bought since my old E-mu hardware days. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Acoustic Upright Bass for Jazz

    For a mellow, restrained sound, I\'ve been using KHSS double bass pizz. It has open and damped sounds as well as some basic slides. From the Seyer demo gig, I\'d say it\'s at the other end of the agression spectrum. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I haven\'t tried the GPO bass pizz yet for a jazz bass, but that would also be fun to try.

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    Re: Acoustic Upright Bass for Jazz

    I agree with the Larry Seyer Bass recommendation and also with Bruce\'s take on using the first position samples over the optimal sample set.

    Ive fooled several adept bass players with this library.


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    Re: Acoustic Upright Bass for Jazz

    I tried the GPO pizzocato for a jazz bass a few weeks ago, and if I remember correctly, it sounded pretty authentic. I\'ll have to try it again just to make sure that I wasn\'t too tired when I was trying it out, but I think that it could get the job done pretty easily and well, especially considering it\'s budget price for a huge lib.

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    Re: Acoustic Upright Bass for Jazz

    Thanks all for your input.

    The Larry Sayer bass sounds good with nice \"finger\" sounds and all but it\'s for Giga only. Any way to convert this to EXS24 (without losing any features that may make this a good library)? The Trilogy upright sounds good too but maybe a little \"softer\" (based on the demos) but how much tweaking can you do to get some more \"slap\" from it as I hear with the Larry Sayer lib.? Ideally, if I can go naturally from a mellow, soft playing tone to a more \"slappy\" sound through velocity layers that would hit the spot.

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    Re: Acoustic Upright Bass for Jazz

    I see the Chicken System\'s translator could be used to convert Giga libraries to EXS. Can I expect good (reliable) results from it (on Mac)?

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