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Topic: Disk Management (I Need A Terabyte!)

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    Re: Disk Management (I Need A Terabyte!)

    Most motherboards are coming with 4 IDE channels these days. I just add drives...much easier than keeping things offline. If you run out of IDE channels, you can just buy a PCI-card and add more. My DAW box has 6 drives, and the Giga boxes each have 4. Of course, next comes the IsoRaxx, unless you have a machine room...the noise adds up.

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    Re: Disk Management (I Need A Terabyte!)

    also i use a usb 2.0 120 gbyte drive where all samples from my main pc are coming from...

    there is really no loss of speed or data transport...everything works fine...

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    Re: Disk Management (I Need A Terabyte!)

    given you are on osX i\'d like to point you to redmatica - great piece of software to manage libraries

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    Re: Disk Management (I Need A Terabyte!)

    Christian, I don\'t see where he mentioned OSX.

    I think you should plan on having all the samples you are using online at all times. Disk drives are incredibly cheap, and will continue to be so. Perhaps I misunderstand your question.

    If you\'re actually on a PC, there is a new PCI bus (called PCI-Express) coming in mid-\'04. Then, 8 drives on an SATA controller will be commonplace. You can put them in a RAID configuration if you like. If you\'re on a Mac G5, I think it has PCI-Express right now, so you can start to look at (up to) 8 drives immediately.

    In my mind, the issue of \"backup\" is maybe thornier. But I guess you don\'t really have to back up samples if you still have the disks.... ;<).

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    Re: Disk Management (I Need A Terabyte!)

    EXSManager is mandatory if you\'re using EXS and lots of samples. That\'s why Christian brought it up, and it\'s absolutely relevant.

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    Re: Disk Management (I Need A Terabyte!)

    Most motherboards ship with 4 IDEs? I can\'t find a retail outlet that has a good MB with 4 IDE\'s for the life of me. Been looking for a while too.

    So for the time being , I have to settle for just 2. Anyone know of a good, fast MB with 4 IDEs?

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    Disk Management (I Need A Terabyte!)

    OK, between me own recent purchases and a gift from Santy, if I add up the total # of bytes used by all my samples it is approaching several hundred Gigabytes.

    ***************Holy hamhocks!***********

    And things look only to get more intense as each succeeding library gets more and more detailed.

    So.... How is one to manage all this?

    1. There\'s no way I can keep all of this on-line at all times.

    2. But many libs share samples between their myriad programs, so it\'s not so easy to pick and choose the programs you want to keep on-line to save space.

    3. Plus, if you try to pick and choose, you run into the problem over time of auditioning off-line samples. What: you have to reload the entire lib every time you want to try something new?

    So: How do YOU guys manage this issue?

    I was thinking of writing a program to:
    1. Scan FXPs (I use Halion) and determine which samples it needed and then
    2. Copy just those samples from another drive
    3. If the files are already on-line, I could have the option of deleting them from my disk if I no longer want them on-line.

    ...That way I could (relatively easily) minimize the disk space and audition the samples as needed.


    Discuss! Discuss!


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    Re: Disk Management (I Need A Terabyte!)

    hmm i maybe dunno really if i got it, but where is the problem of buying diskspace ???

    i have \"only\" 220 GB on my master-music computer and 40g on my laptop and 40 gigs on my other pc which i also use for internet and other stuff.

    so after a while i know which samples i use all the time.
    so i setup (i work with cubase sx) an arrangement with the basic instruments i need. (strings, brass, woods, perc)
    when i start a new arrangement, open up my configured session with all instruments and kompakts open which i need later (takes about 15 mins i guess).

    then i start working with all the stuff i want and need. if there are additional instrumemnts later, i can load them in whenever i need them...

    i mean if you wanna scan and copy files and samples on another HD or so, it takes the same time like opening up a preconfigured session.

    ...hmm, maybe i didnt get the clue [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    so basically i use all my HD space on my three cpus like a sample server and my arrangements are mostly just midi files \"soaking\" the samples from the several HD\'s...

    ....hmm, i think i didn\'t get it [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Disk Management (I Need A Terabyte!)

    Christian, I don\'t see where he mentioned OSX
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Green Red Brownell, i don\'t see where he mentioned he is not ;-)
    btw: PCI-Express and serial ATA are two different things, the first is a new protocol for the PCI-bus on a motherboard(see also PCI special interest group) whereas serial ATA is a new protocol to connect drives - point to point so far, chaining devices may be implemented in future versions (see also the serial ata workgroup)
    the G5, at least most configurations, provide a PCI-X bus and two serial ATA connectors

    MusicalCharities, do a search for eg. the newer asus boards - they come with a lot of onboard channels (up to 4 parallel ATA for 8 drives and 4 serial ATA for another 4 drives) - but also other vendors have boards with similar options


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    Re: Disk Management (I Need A Terabyte!)

    My current mobo has 2 133 IDE channels.
    The master on channel 0 is 120gb
    The master on channel 1 is 120gb (Cubase CPRs)
    The slave on channel 1 is my CD-burner

    Question: Will I have better success adding a large drive to the slave position of channel 0 or would it be better for me to replace the current master (C drive) with the new drive?

    IOW: if both drives are sharing the same channel, am I more likely to encounter the dreaded clicks/pops etc?



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