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Topic: *WARINING* IBM Deskstar Hard Drives

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    *WARINING* IBM Deskstar Hard Drives

    This is a hardware issue, so it is posted over in the hardware section, but I wanted to make sure people saw it. Don\'t lose your important work like I did.


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    Re: *WARINING* IBM Deskstar Hard Drives

    I grabbed a report from a big french distributor about the percentage of HDD that were (shortly) returned after crash or failure.
    You can read the whole info (French) at :

    HDD IDE 7200 tpm 20 Go :

    Seagate : 1.3% (448)
    Western Digital : 8.8% (1506)

    HDD IDE 7200 tpm 40 Go :

    Seagate : 1.6% (7643)
    Maxtor : 1.9% (8052)
    IBM 120GXP : 3.1% (4790)
    Western Digital : 7.2% (1726)
    IBM 60 GXP : 22.9% (1068)

    HDD IDE 7200 tpm 60 Go :

    Seagate : 0.7% (284)
    IBM 120 GXP : 2.5% (722)
    Maxtor : 2.5% (1791)
    Western Digital : 8.6% (490)
    IBM 60 GXP : 16.1% (932)

    HDD IDE 7200 tpm 80 Go :

    Seagate : 2.4% (1248)
    IBM 120 GXP : 2.8% (2131)
    Western Digital : 3.1% (1676)
    Maxtor : 3.3% (2060)

    HDD IDE 7200 tpm 120 Go :

    Western Digital Special Edition : 3.0% (132)
    IBM 120 GXP : 3.1% (708)
    Western Digital 100 Go : 4.3% (470)
    Western Digital : 5% (120)

    As I got 2 X 60GXP/40gig, now I\'m worried [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: *WARINING* IBM Deskstar Hard Drives

    Thanks for the info guys, those statistics are scary, especially since I\'ve got 3 of the 40G 60gxp\'s (the worst on this list...). Mine have never burped.

    BTW, altavista does a decent job of translating the page for non-francophones:


    Here\'s a page of the drives coming back to a data recovery service, I suspect their opinions are statistically significant. Their opinion is that IDE drives are basically disposable:


    For what it\'s worth, the only drive that has ever failed for me is a barracuda iv 80G (among the best on the list above). Same situation for a friend of mine, same drive. I know that this isn\'t statisically meaningful, but the lesson here must be: Have a backup, even if you believe your drive ought to be a reliable one!

    Here\'s what I do (and yes, it has saved my butt twice recently!) On my windows systems, my partitions are all the same size. This means I can move partition images around easily. If I\'m backing up a C: drive, I use DriveCopy (from Powerquest, not crazy about it, but it works) to copy my C: image to another drive, so that when I back it up, the drive is not being used. Then I use Nero (from Ahead) to backup a partition to cdr\'s. I can\'t do parial restores, but this solution is cheap and effective.

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    Re: *WARINING* IBM Deskstar Hard Drives

    Whilst we\'re on the subject, there is also a major issue with some Fujitsu drives at present. 10% of them fail within the first few months.

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