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Topic: Firwire HD ?

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    Firwire HD ?

    I\'m trying to copy a large file (18gb) from my system to an external firewire drive, but it\'s telling me that the drive is full even though there is actually plenty of space. I\'m not familiar with any limitations on using a firewire drive. Can you only transfer files of a certain size through the firewire?

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    Re: Firwire HD ?

    The spec doesn\'t place any limit on file sizes. You\'ve found a bug.

    What OS are you using? XP is very good regarding 1394. 2000 isn\'t bad. W98SE is pretty weak.

    Then there\'s the 1394 card. Make sure it\'s OHCI 1.1 or 2.0 ompatible. It should be if it\'s less than a couple of years old.

    Finally, there\'s the firmware in the HD. I don\'t know if your mfg supports updates or not.

    Best of luck.

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    Re: Firwire HD ?

    I\'ve not had that problem Tim. i\'ve transferred as much as 90+ gigs at once. Something I HAVE had a problem with though is often time firewire drives seem to make a noise with each rotation. Anyone have any idea why on this? The noise travels through the audio cables and is a squeeking noise!

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    Re: Firwire HD ?

    timzydee, possibly your firewire drive is fat32 formatted? the error message could be misleading

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    Re: Firwire HD ?

    do you see the space actually which is left over, or do you think you know it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    sometimes you have formatted HDs and the adjustments are kinda wrong, so there is e.g. 10 gigs formatted and the rest not...could be another error, but more sure is the fat32 thingy

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    Re: Firwire HD ?

    Just checking: do you have anything in the Trash (Mac) or Recycle Bin (Windows)?

    Another possibiliy - an unlikely one - is that some FW chips don\'t recognize over 120GB. My understanding is that it has to do with the age of the chips, i.e. new ones don\'t have that problem. But I\'m not 100% sure about that.

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    Re: Firwire HD ?

    nick, you\'re absolutely right about that - early oxford 911 (version a or without a version character) and a lot of others had that problem. although the limit is 137 GB many of them refused to even recognice disks with more than 120 GB physically

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    Re: Firwire HD ?

    Yes, I found on the Western Digital site that the drives come formatted as FAT32 which has a 4gb size tranfer limit. I\'ll need to re-format for NTFS. I\'ve also heard that \"sound\" of the drive leaking through to the speakers. Don\'t know the cause though.

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