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Topic: NS 2003 - a year in review

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    NS 2003 - a year in review

    This afternoon I was driving across town and began thinking (fairly dangerous I know). 2003 has really been quite a year for the sample community. And in a large way those of us at NS have been at the front of what\'s been developing. So I thought it would be fun to remember all that has happened this year - for better or for worst [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    So i\'ll start and anybody who cares can chime in.

    As far as I can tell sample libraries have been developed at a greater rate in 2003 then ever before. Not only that, they\'ve been HUGE libraries. Unless I\'m off on my dates, VSL started shipping in 2003. The world\'s largest collection of samples ever made available in mass. 2003 brought SAM trumpets (and I THINK SAM Trombones was 2003). East West released their massive orchestra collection. And East west also put a run on the number of Sounds Online libraries available. Everyday I go to S.online I see new stuff. Ethno World 2, storm drum, Michel Posts\' piano VSTi - I can\'t even START to name the stuff over there... so I\'ll move on.

    2003 has seen the announcement of some of the worlds largest DRUM libraries. Perc. Adventures 2, Storm Drum, DFH 2 and the ultimate drumkit from hell (supreme?). Also Thomas Skarbee made the trip away from tonality and released his largest collection to date - S.I.P. It\'s a bunch of gigabytes - but I can\'t count that high!

    In my mind 2003 is the year VSTi\'s changed the world. This is the year the REALLY cool VST instruments came to be. I think it\'s safe to say Eric Persing out did himself with his 3 ground breaking products - stylus, Atmostphere, and Trilogy - and East West/Quantum Leap brough the first orchestra library/sampler combo to a VST Slot. Pretty dang cool. Of course we can\'t forget Gary Garritan making a few small (okay, maybe not so small) waves when he released his GPO with a Kontakt player - a full orch for Only $249. Then the shookey hit the fan when EWQL announced smaller versions of their larger Platinum library - we won\'t go there.

    I\'m sure there\'s more I can\'t think of - someone else can add!!

    But it wouldn\'t be a good NS 2003 review if we don\'t include some of the more NS specific moments:

    2003 brought (if I recall correctly) King Idiot\'s 3000th post - and then his 4000th - and then he quit posting. I don\'t know EXACTLY why he stopped posting so much but my understanding is Papa Chalk had a chat with him and informed him that the NS board was never really Y2K proof and if King hit 10,000 posts this year the world would blow up - but that\'s just speculation......

    One of the more humorous moments was when Gandolf the Goober decided to create a gooberish post and make the stupid comments he did. Last time I looked he had only posted once, and yet recieved some 12 pages of replies to that thread! ha!

    Oh yes, Joanne gave us a good outline of how many forum members it takes to change a light bulb - and apparently we\'ve used that outline for all of our additional posts since then!

    And of course, a good celebration moment - 2003 Thomas J got to travel to the US to showcase some of the EWQL products with Doug Rogers. Apparently he liked it here and has decided to stay [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Some pretty heated discussions have brought out some nasty personal sides on NS this year..... I\'ll let you all point them out. I don\'t want to tick anyone off [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Well, I\'ll let you guys write some of your memories. But I must write my favorite NS time of all - who could ever forget about the 2 weeks we thought Bruce Richardson was banned! Ha!

    Happy New Year everyone! May 2004 be as exciting as 2003!!


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    Re: NS 2003 - a year in review

    My hope is that between now and 2008, Gigastudio 3 will actually come out and stir things up a bit. Of course, 2008 seems to be wishful thinking at this point.

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    Re: NS 2003 - a year in review


    Thank you for the reminder that it’s been a great year for a great forum.

    My adds include success in pushing the limits of value-added information for a broad range of complex topics:

    -Firsthand, unbiased analysis to assist with informative buy-decisions for ever-increasing library content.

    -Detailed and informative threads on the use of specific library tools, techniques for orchestration, and mixing.

    -Step-by-step assistance with problematic audio hardware, OS, and sample libraries.

    -Useful critiques of our work.

    Mention is also deserved for the cohabitation of beginners, serious hobbyists, and seasoned pros in a tolerant, collaborative, and sharing spirit.

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    Re: NS 2003 - a year in review

    Can I get a Kumbaya?

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    Re: NS 2003 - a year in review

    IMO this has been one of the biggest years in sample history. Now every man and his dog can make great sounding music for as cheap as chips. However that is both good and bad [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] . More good than bad though!!!

    What a great year on NS!

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    Re: NS 2003 - a year in review

    I have to add the marvellous Load Optimizer to the list of this year\'s wonders.

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    Re: NS 2003 - a year in review

    MIDI over LAN became a reality this year!

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    Re: NS 2003 - a year in review

    2003 was quite a year. I thought Giga 3.0 would make a splash but it seems like VSTis and Kontakt made all the waves. Big news was the no news from Tascam.

    Mr. Garitan started a revolution with GPO. Just think, not too long ago you had to mortgage your firstborn for a complete orchestral library. EW then followed Gary\'s lead and offered a cheap version of their library. I am hoping that Vienna, Sonic Implants and Dan Dean will jump on the bandwagon too. How low can they go in 2004?

    Looks like 2004 is shaping up to be a very exciting year. Can\'t wait...

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    Re: NS 2003 - a year in review

    The announcement of GigaPulse Convolution Reverberation from Tascam (Nemesys) has excited me the most this year. I can\'t hardly wait to try it together with their newest sampler. I pray they\'ve took the time they had to removed every single bug possible. I hope it\'s everything I want it to be.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: NS 2003 - a year in review

    as of this post


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