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Topic: The First Malmsjö Grand Demo

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    The First Malmsjö Grand Demo

    Today I revisited the first demo made of the Malmsjö Acoustic Grand while it was developed (see link below).


    Because of an upcoming trade magazine article I made a new .mp3 with the current version of the sample. It was a nostalgic encounter. The responses from various people to the \"Reflets dans l\'Eau\" demo was what propelled this instrument into a commercial sample.

    Here\'s the new demo:



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    Re: The First Malmsjö Grand Demo

    The Malmsjö Acoustic Grand is one of the newest additions to my sample library collection. I just couldn\'t resist it even though I already had both the PMI pianos. It has a unique tone and retains its usefulness and appeal despite the ever increasing number of new piano samples. Thank you Hans!

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    Re: The First Malmsjö Grand Demo

    Hans, your piano is used throughout just about all my works. It is really, really, damn good. I appreciate that there is a piano out there with a dreamy soft tone that is suitable for orchestral works.

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    Re: The First Malmsjö Grand Demo

    What a beautiful piano sound! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: The First Malmsjö Grand Demo

    Thank you David!

    Aaron, I am glad to hear that you are using the piano in your music.

    Tobias, thanks! You know the piano was made in your home town, Gothenburg!

    I have always thought that the sonority of this Malmsjö grand was reflecting the music, and the piano ideal, of the late 19th century, when pianists and piano manufacturers struggled to make the piano \"sing\". Although, I didn\'t have another example to support the theory, except for occasional \"For Sale\" ads, offering a Malmsjö from the turn of the century, boasting a \"strong singing tone\". So, I didn\'t really know if the tone was exclusive to this particular instrument, because of the way it had aged, or if it was just an individual variation.

    However, last summer I visited the Nordic Museum (Nordiska Museet) in Stockholm. I went there to see a permanent exhibition of furniture. I almost didn\'t believe my eyes when in a corner I saw a Malmsjö, identical to the one I had sampled! This was one of the hottest days of a hot summer, and the museum was almost empty. There were no guards in sight, so I ignored the sign that said \"Do not touch\", and lightly played the keys. The sound of this instrument was just like the sample: Round, rich bass, and a clear singing treble! The sonority was identical!!

    You can read more about the J.G. Malmsjö Piano company in the help-file linked below!


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    Re: The First Malmsjö Grand Demo

    I agree with the previous posters. Your Malmsjo is a classic. It is just so beautiful.

    You have brought a little-known piano to the attention of many who might otherwise never have heard of it, and you have \'preserved\' it in digital form. Future generations will never have to \'wonder\' how a Malmsjo sounded. When sampled pianos have hundreds of layers and dynamic ranges that outdo \'real\' pianos, I suspect the Malmsjo will continue to entrance musicians.

    Your library brings me much joy.

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    Re: The First Malmsjö Grand Demo


    What a great compliment! Thanks!


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    Re: The First Malmsjö Grand Demo

    It is incredible.

    The question is...how does the piano sound with the lid up, Hans ?

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    Re: The First Malmsjö Grand Demo

    Thanks Little Biscuit!

    I don\'t want to go into detail about the specifics of the recording session (because then I would have to kill you.. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ), but there was good reason for the techniques used at the time. The piano is a favourite of mine, and sounds great with the lid up or down.


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    Re: The First Malmsjö Grand Demo

    The reason I asked, Hans, was that there may be some \"untapped\" potential with this instrument that you could exploit with, say, another library.

    If I go into any more detail about what I\'m thinking...I\'ll have to kill YOU!

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