I am looking to start a thread on "TouchCurves" for the Kawai VPC1. I just received mine yesterday. My first goal is to make it playable with my "American Grand" (VI Labs). So far the built in preset for Pianoteq seems to work the best. If I come up with anything else I will post it here.To start this thread out on the right foot we should lay a few ground rules. Always do the adjusting in the VPC1 and make sure that the software instrument's curve is set to linear. If you have found a particular setup that works really well using different combined methods (or curves) that is great, but it has to be communicated well. My preference is that we stay linear on the receiving end and let the VPC1 do all the work. I'm sorry that I do not have anything to offer here yet in the way of touchcurves, but perhaps I will get something worked out in the near future. I really just wanted to get the ball rolling here.