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Topic: Emo, anyone?

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    Emo, anyone?

    I know this place is mainly for the \"hollywood\" style sound, but after talking to a couple of the developers I was surprised to find all the different genres their libs were being used for.

    I recently started an emo band, we\'re called \"The Fall Of Autumn\" (TFOA) (http://www.fallofautumn.com) and I was wondering what your opinions were of this genre?

    I think the libs I already own will integrate very well into TFOA\'s music, I have GPO for the strings and piano and DIVA for the backing vox.

    I was thinking about some more of an \'atmosphere\' kindof sound... (i.e. wind, whispers, lush pads) do you guys know of a lib that would serve this purpose?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Emo, anyone?

    Sounds like a job for Atmosphere.

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    Re: Emo, anyone?


    Absolutely Atmosphere from Spectrasonics. Don\'t let the price scare you away ($399). It\'s worth every penny.

    Check out my Soundclick site ( http://www.soundclick.com/starbirthmusic.htm ) for some examples of that style of music done with Atmosphere and other sample libraries. \"Astral Voyage\", \"Nightfall\" and \"Long Winter Night\" were all done using Atmosphere.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Emo, anyone?

    Thanks guys for your responses...

    Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, I\'ve been attacked by the flu and haven\'t been able to crawl out of bed the last few days...

    I\'ve gotten a couple of PMs asking what Emo is, so I wanted to take a second to explain, in case there are any other libs out there, Atmosphere is pretty expensive for my current budget.

    Emo is a sub-genre of, usually, rock which is classified mostly by its lyrical content and delivery. Emo is short for \'emotional\' and the lyrics are usually very dramatic and vulnerable, very naked and honest. The music is usually just as dramatic including soft piano phrases which usually build to an exploding chorus.

    Some examples of Emo bands: Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, The Get-Up Kids, Fugazi and Brand New.

    Thanks again for the replies, anyone know of anything cheaper that would fit in this style?


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    Re: Emo, anyone?

    I would recommend Xphraze. It can do some amazing pads and leads, and you also get some groove making tools that can\'t be beat. Think of a Prophet VS or Korg Wavestation on steroids and you\'ll get the picture.

    Also, I\'d recommened you check out Arturia\'s CS-80V and Moog Modular V instruments. They are stellar.

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