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Topic: SI strings scratches?

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    SI strings scratches?

    I seem to remember something about packaging issues or something to that effect causing scratches on the strings library? I\'m asking this because they just arrived this morning, I\'m trying to install them, but it hangs at 22%, so I looked at the disc, and there are scratches. I checked some of the others, and more scratches were there to be found. Very tiny marks, but I\'m guessing that\'s the problem. If anyone can confirm this, it would be appreciated.

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    Re: SI strings scratches?

    Hold them up to the light, label side out. If you see light coming through scratches or pock-marks, the disc is probably not readable. If they\'re minor surface scratches on the un-labeled side, those can usually be read unless they\'re really large.

    Can you copy the contents of the disc to your machine, without using the installer? If so, the disc is readable.

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    Re: SI strings scratches?

    yah I had a problem with the last disc in my set, I did call SI about it, but thought it still could be an issue on my end, so I said I\'d try some more. I never got it to work, need to call them again. Was sort of waiting till the main \"rush\" was over....seems like I\'ve waited too long. Need to call them next week....damn forgetful nature of mine [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'m only missing ensemble trills and things.

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    Re: SI strings scratches?

    Bruce! You\'re a life saver! I held the disc up to the light, and saw some pretty clear light coming through where the scratches were, so with that bad sign I went back to try a copy. The copy failed on the giga machine, so on a whim, I decided to use my oldest, most reliable cd-rw dirve, the sony. It took way longer, but the sony read it just fine, and I through it over the network to the computer it needed to go on. I just finished installation of the violins, and if I run into the problem again with other discs, perhaps the sony will save me. Thanks, Bruce!

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    Re: SI strings scratches?

    I actually had a very similar problem with two of the other SI libraries, \"Afro Cuban Percussion\" and \"Amps & Pickups.\" For some reason on my Giga machine, neither my CD-RW nor my DVD-ROM would read the disks properly. I could get certain files off, but not others. The discs were pristine, though, so I knew it wasn\'t a problem there, so I loaded them into a friend\'s Powerbook and they read fine. I copied all the files off the discs and transferred them to myself and then burned new CDs. I don\'t know if it\'s a Windows XP problem or whether the discs were burned in some fashion that makes them unreadable on certain newer drives. Very odd thing.


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    Re: SI strings scratches?

    Well, in the end, I did get the 1st violins working, but the Violas Disc II cd was scratched also, and none of my cd drives could read it. Even took it to a friends to try a few others. Prolly can\'t speak to anyone at SI until Mon I guess, but with all the patches to experiment with, I\'m sure I\'ll be plenty busy.

    King, what was the course of action they suggested if the problem wasn\'t on your end? Were they going to mail out a new individual disc? or have you send back the whole library and replace it?

    Maybe I shoulda got the DVD\'s. An error on one of 3 discs is less likely than one in 20 I expect. Oh well... I\'m off to play for a while.

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    Re: SI strings scratches?

    yah the library does RAWK!!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: SI strings scratches?

    I should add that despite these problems, these strings are INCREDIBLE! Very, very happy with them already. I\'ve gotta add a new giga machine for them, but that is a small thing considering how much better things are about to sound around here. All in all, a very happy weekend!

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    Re: SI strings scratches?

    Originally posted by MichaelAngelo450:
    I should add that despite these problems, these strings are INCREDIBLE!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Yeah but its still not acceptable - $1000+ and you don\'t even get proper packaging, or even reasonable packaging by the sounds of things.

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    Re: SI strings scratches?

    Regarding problems installing files and issues with scratches, etc:

    In terms of the scratches, we did find out in the recent past that the disks were getting scratched a little too easily. We have switched to a different brand of disk recently, which is much more resistant to scratching.

    HOWEVER, what we also discovered is that almost all of the problems people encountered with installing difficulties were NOT due to scratches - in fact most CD-ROm drives are extremely tolerant of basic scratches. After much pulling of hair from our heads trying to find the cause of the problem, we finallly discovered that one of the drives on our duplicator machine was bad. The problem was that it only failed occassionally, making it difficult to track the problem. We have since replaced that drive and have not heard of any people having problems with the CDs since that point.

    Regarding the DVDs that is a more complicated issue. After doing a lot of research, we have discovered that many DVD drives are not fully compatible with many other DVD burning drives. We have had a couple of customers return DVD disks to us that could be read on all the different DVD drives we have here. It seems amazing to me that you can find such inconsistencies within the various drive manufacturers, but it is the reality. We are currently looking into DVD burning solutions that will help minimize this issue as much as possible.

    For anyone who encounters a bad disk, please let us know - we will promptly replace a defective disk - normally sent out on the same day you let us know of the problem.

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