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Topic: Library Format Conversion for EXS24

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    Library Format Conversion for EXS24

    I\'ve read some comments here regarding sample format conversion for EXS24mkII and it seems EXS can translate many (?) formats internally. My question is, is the EXS internal conversion as effective and reliable as what something like Translator can offer? Any advantage to getting a dedicated conversion program?

    I\'m mostly interested in Giga to EXS conversions. Am on Mac.

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    Re: Library Format Conversion for EXS24

    I have converted pretty much all of my Giga libraries to EXS format without too many problems. In a few cases I\'ve had to adjust the release envelopes to suit my taste. In other cases I\'ve upped the polyphony to 64 voices (EXS defaults to 16 when converting). One worst case scenario was with Gigapiano where some of the samples were incorrectly mapped and I re-mapped them to the correct note and velocity...this is quite rare.

    Overall EXS does an acceptable job at converting basic Giga sounds. The one thing it doesn\'t convert properly is the mod wheel crossfade and keyswitch. For those types of programs Translator probably does a better job. EXS is easy enough that I don\'t mind reprogramming the functions, but some people might prefer the hands off approach and for those I would probably reccomend Translator.

    One last thing, NAMM and MacWorld are right around the corner, and I am sure that Emagic will be releasing some upgrades in about 2 weeks...perhaps the long awaited EXS24 mkIII will be announced. If so you might want to wait and see what January brings before purchasing other software.

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