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Topic: I got Atmosphere today, but its giving me a headache...

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    I got Atmosphere today, but its giving me a headache...

    Firstly, I LOVE IT! Installation went very smoothly and easily (even with 6 discs! Woo! ).

    So why, I hear you cry, is it giving me a headache?!

    1. Firstly, just looking at all the patches makes me go dizzy.

    So many combinations, so many sounds!! HOW does Eric Percing expect me to be able to try them all out?!!! I could be here for hours and hours and still never finish auditioning them all. That\'s not even allowing time to play with the modulation options.

    That\'s an, alright headache though. I could probably get over that eventually... can you have too much choice? Anyway...

    2. An actual problem presented itself when I was playing with the string sounds. They sounded really nice and everything but something wasn\'t right. I couldn\'t put my finger on what it was, they didn\'t sound like they had much life in them. Then I found out that it wasn\'t velocity sensitive! I tried for ages to work out how to make it velocity sensitive but I couldn\'t find out.

    I twiddled lots of knobs but they didn\'t seem to make any difference at all.

    PLEASE, could someone tell me HOW to correct this? It must be really simple, Atmosphere must be velocity sensitive, right?

    I just took a pill for my head, please help me not have to take another one [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: I got Atmosphere today, but its giving me a headache...

    Sorry for the headache Ed.....maybe I should release 1,000 plug-ins with one patch each?

    Yes...of course Atmosphere is Velocity sensitive, and those string sounds are quite dynamic. Not sure why you are having the problem, but maybe you have a weird controller, or perhaps something happening in your MIDI system.

    If you need more sensitivity, turn LINK ON and increase the SENS knob on the interface in the AMP ENV section. You could also try a different velocity CURVE.

    But it sounds like something funky in your MIDI rig....it\'s definitely set up for velocity sensitivity.

    Take two aspirin and......you know...


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    Re: I got Atmosphere today, but its giving me a headache...


    Usually people complain about the *lack* of choice they have.... [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]
    But I\'ve rarely heard somebody complain about too much choice!
    My order should be arriving monday..very exciting!!!


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