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Topic: naked ladies on the beach

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    naked ladies on the beach

    I have been away from the forum for 2 or 3 months. I was involved with selling a house, moving my wife cross country to a new location, trying to get a 4 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apt. It has been kind of tough for us lately, but we have internet in our new location and I decided to start posting and listening again. This song is kind of a beach thing. I hope you find pleasant to listen to. It uses Garritan horns and flute. The guitar is live, and I do not know what the piano is.
    Please give it a listen. Jay


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    Re: naked ladies on the beach

    Hello Jay!

    First, how could I not listen to this with that sort of title? Second, glad to see you back, hoping things are running smoothly at your new location! I do not envy your move!

    This is a wonderful piece! Certainly very cheery and reminiscent of the beach! The flute is very nice and adds a nice jazzy feel to the composition!

    Thanks for posting this happy piece, it was nice to hear!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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    Re: naked ladies on the beach

    Thanks for the listen and comments. Since I'm a 'pervert',(not really), when I hear this song I actually think of naked ladies tossing a beach ball on the beach. Jay

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    Senior Member tedvanya's Avatar
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    Re: naked ladies on the beach

    Since I am so old, "naked" has special meaning ( not going to elaborate on this), soI think it is a lovely piece, so much so, that as soon I am back on the beach, I am going to play and a enjoy it again as the sun is going down and we have our TEQTONIC ( my invention of a crazy drink: tequila and tonic water on ice).Thanks for posting it, cheersTed

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    Re: naked ladies on the beach

    Thanks for the listen Ted! That tequila drink invention of yours sounds pretty darn good to me. I plan to try a TEQTONIC tonight and see if it tastes as good as it sounds. Thanks for commenting. Jay

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    Re: naked ladies on the beach

    Jay! It's always a time to celebrate when you come back to the Forum with another one of your superb tracks. Man but you can cook with the best. Your superb arrangements and mixes are always fantastic.

    I like Ted's idea a lot, to play this at the beach as the sun is going down.

    And to add to the party, here's the recipe for the Tequila cocktail my wife and I like:

    In a Bourbon glass-

    ---large ice cubes
    ---1 Shot Jose
    ---juice of 1/4 a Lime
    ---Club Soda filled to the top

    And - Here's the album cover art I cooked up for you! You sure know how to get a party started!


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    Re: naked ladies on the beach

    Randy! You gave me a smile from ear to ear when I looked at the album cover you cooked up. Its great. I am pleased that you liked my music. Thanks for the nice comments. I have a feeling that when I get done trying out these drink recipes that I have been getting, I will be one very happy fellow. Thanks for the listen and the tasty recipe. Jay

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    Re: naked ladies on the beach

    What a delight Jay!!! in both the music and having you back. Heck, I was wondering where you ran off to of late. I've really missed this cool jazz force of excellence at this forum. Welcome back!"

    I just moved to a much smaller house last year and the experience was pretty horrific actually. So I can empathize with the work, stress, disarray, and frenetic scramble you've been going through.

    But none of that shows in your piece, ...quite the opposite actually! What a great combo of instruments. It produces just the right ambience for beach watching...drooling, wishful thinking....whatever.

    Love Randy's cover. It captures the music perfectly.
    Thought I better write this post before you indulge in too many of those drinks floating around here!

    Your title has special meaning to me because I just visited "Black's Beach" in La Jolla California last week. The infamous nude beach near San Diego. Although I have to be honest here, the beach is 400 feet down a very steep cliff which at might age would break every bone in my body to transcend it. This is when binoculars come in really handy, me among a squadron of binoculars on the cliff, looking out to the ocean for whales of course!! Although Randy's image does look vaguely familiar some how.

    At any rate, so glad you're back and providing us with your gems of cool jazz. No one, and I mean no one does it better than you!!


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    Re: naked ladies on the beach

    I bet that the "whales" were looking pretty good. I am glad that you liked my music and thanks for the nice comments. I am going to try and hang out with the forum for while now. I was kind of hoping for a drink recipe from you but it was absent. I guess I will keep working with the ones that I already have. Thanks for visiting. Jay

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    Re: naked ladies on the beach

    What has happened on that beach is of no importance . It just sounds marvellous. I'd wished all music on any beach sounds as good as this one, then I will visit it more.

    A couple of days this forum wasn't reachable. Server too busy, address not known, "dangerous to access this site because of malware" and other nasty things.


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