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Topic: June Day

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    June Day

    This utilizes:

    1) A Wurlitzer virtual instrument made by a non-Garritan company. This is the main melodic instrument you hear.

    2) GPO 4, patch Full Strings KS. This is heard (when you can hear it) mainly in the higher pitched, shimmering, drone-like notes.

    3) An organ-like instrument that I designed in a synthesizer made by a non-Garritan company. All those dreeeamy sounds in the middle.


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    Re: June Day

    Bless your bright, inventive brain, Mabry - You carry the Avant-garde banner high and proudly here on the Forum. There may not be a lot of Forum members following along with you, but I wish there were more.

    If nothing else, you always vividly demonstrate what a diversity of talent we have in our community, but you do much more than that - You succeed so vibrantly in all your extremely interesting experimental pieces.

    Thank you!


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    Re: June Day


    I love this!! What an amazing combination of organ instruments which creates this wall of surreal sound that is like a black hole, sucking you in deeper and deeper as you listen. I think I'm hypnotized , snap out of it Cass.

    Seriously, this could easily be used as a backdrop to a movie or travel log presentation of , let's say "The Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. Very effective mood setting piece.

    I love composers that are creative with their instrumentation much like Hermann was in his movie scores. Speaking of which I think he used several electronic organs for his score of "Journey to the Center of the Earth" which really gave the movie the power and feeling of being underground.

    Thanks for sharing this supreme track Mabry. Much enjoyed!!


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    Re: June Day

    Hello Mabry!

    I really appreciate the time and thought that has to go into creating unusual orchestrations. I think Randy does an excellent job of this with his large orchestrations, but you have accomplished something equally as stunning on the opposite side of the scale. Electronic instruments are so incredibly versatile, and the possibilities so limitless, that I am usually overwhelmed by them and cannot use them successfully.

    You do a great job of setting a dreamy mood in June Day. I love the entire concept of the piece, and I am glad you posted it! Thanks for sharing!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
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