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Topic: GPO vs Edirol orchestra

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    GPO vs Edirol orchestra

    Sorry if this has been covered. I haven\'t been reading the forums in quite a while bit I intend on catching up, GPO has really sparked my interest.
    I have Edirol Orchestra and I really like it.
    For those with hands on personal experience, how do the two compare?
    I\'m just about to pry the credit card out of my wallet.
    Thanks for any information.

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    Re: GPO vs Edirol orchestra

    GPO and EW/QLSO Silver are light years ahead of the Roland Orchestra. I have all three. There\'s just no comparison.

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    Re: GPO vs Edirol orchestra

    As much as I\'ve enjoyed using Edirol Orchestral VST...I have to say EWQLSO Silver and GPO do look light years ahead and the price is much better. But I have been able to get some great sound out of Edirol Orchestral...I actually scored my first undergraduate film project with it and absynth.

    Sure it isn\'t a huge library but it\'s simplicity for laying down ideas is great. I don\'t think you would be tossing away the Edirol VST if you purchased GPO or Silver...I think they could compliment each other but with the the newer being the more powerful tool.

    [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Edward Trevino

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    Re: GPO vs Edirol orchestra

    Thanks for the responses.
    I am hoping GPO and Edirol Orch compliment each other.
    My GPO is on it\'s way.
    I\'ll post back after I\'ve had some time to work with it.


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