Just got my copy of Spectrasonics Atmosphere today.

Don\'t know whether you are watching Spectrum/Eric but THANKS!!!!

It sounds incredible. I\'m surprised by how much ground has been covered sonicially considering it was intially promoted as a pad machine. There are some stunningly beautiful sounds in there and I can\'t wait to get editing my own patches. Not sure how to store them yet though. Guess I\'ll have to RTFM.

If you have anything to do with soundtracks, you need Atmosphere!!!!!!!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

Just one suggestion. There are so many patches in there, I wondered if it would be possible to add a favourites function so you could mark patches you think you\'d return to often and then just scoll through the favourites when you are in a hurry. Also would a keyboard command for scrolling up and down through the patches be possible.

Thanks again Spectrum, can\'t wait for Trilogy and whatever else you announce at NAMM!!!!