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Topic: Ensemble Manager not showing in Personal Orchestra 4

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    Ensemble Manager not showing in Personal Orchestra 4


    I haven't used GPO4 in quite a while, so admittedly I've forgotten some of the basics. I recently installed it on my Windows 8 machine and the Ensemble Manager (#12 in the "Getting Around the ARIA Player Interface" help topic on p. 7 of the Getting Started guide) isn't showing up in either standalone or VSTi mode. The opening window just shows "Garritan" on the top left.

    I can drag a .aria file onto the GUI and the ensemble loads fine, but how do I get the Ensemble Manager to show up?

    Thanks in advance-


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    Re: Ensemble Manager not showing in Personal Orchestra 4

    Hi Susan,

    The Aria player has been updated a couple of times and I'm thinking you might have the newer one with the "grey" looking interface. It has Garritan at the top left, whereas the older Aria with the golden brown interface had the Ensemble at the top left.

    I've posted a couple of screen shots. If you have the newer grey interface, you click just below where it says ensemble and you'll be able to load them from there.

    The older Aria

    [IMG] Old Aria Ensemble[/IMG]

    The newer Aria

    [IMG] New Aria Ensemble[/IMG]

    Hope this helps. If it doesn't, try posting in the Garritan Central forum in the General Discussion section. Because the forum is light on at the moment, people have been asked to post there, as that's where everyone seems to be hanging out and you'll get more responses and quicker answers.

    All the best!

    Music... A Joy For Life.

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    Re: Ensemble Manager not showing in Personal Orchestra 4

    Hi yjoh-

    Sorry I'm so late replying, but I couldn't get into the forum for a couple of days and then forgot !

    I re-downloaded and reinstalled everything and now have the newer ARIA player working. Truth be told, I prefer the look of the older one , but that Ensemble button wasn't showing up and that's far more important than the look of the GUI!

    Thanks so much, and sorry again for the delay.


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