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Topic: Serious Soloist Activity!!!

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    Serious Soloist Activity!!!

    Well, I would like to start out by saying... YEEE!!! I feel like an angel is singing beside me when I am using this new Soloist Library! This is what I was desperately looking for! "Jumps up in the air and does double back flip in excitement! LOL!!!"

    I am still using the pitch correction plugin, it works like a charm converting to only major or minor scales. I have also gained practice on the X-fade feature... very powerul tool! You can basically create your own phrases.

    This is a video of the the practice I have been doing with the Voice of Gaia - Linda Strawberry Soloist Library by SoundIron. Below are a list of the demo compositions in the video. All compositions are demos and are not complete (composing, dynamics, etc). For the last while I have been focusing on the soloist portions (Which has dynamics).

    *Save Tara arrangements being composed for my new album. There are two arrangements of it that will be in my album.

    1. Save Tara - Version 1 (Full Orchestra, Soloist)
    2. Save Tara - Version 1 (Soloist and Choir Portion)
    3. Save Tara - Version 2 (Piano, Flute, Cellos, Soloist)
    4. The Song of Peace
    5. Soloist Mixing Practice

    Libraries used in compositions:
    - SoundIron's Voice of Gaia (Linda Strawberry)
    - SoundIron's Olympus Microchoir
    - Garritan Instant Orchestra
    - Vienna Special Edition Strings
    - Vienna Special Edition Woodwinds
    - Sampletekk's Black Grand Piano
    - RXP (Cakewalk)
    - Rapture LE (Cakewalk)

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    Re: Serious Soloist Activity!!!

    Hi Richard,

    I see the forum is back up and running but for how long ? I think most have given up at this point and won’t return.

    I just heard your new posting and it is tremendous. Fool me once and almost fool me again! Okay, this time around I know that Linda Strawberry is a library and not an actual live performer but boy! What you do with her phrases, how you combine and alter the patches is superlative! You’re really getting the hang of this.

    I think it’s so wonderful that you now have the libraries at hand to make your dream album come true.
    So carry on my friend,


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    Re: Serious Soloist Activity!!!

    Thanks for the feedback Cass! I got your original comment earlier today. The forums aren't stable, but gotta hang in there!

    I am really loving the soloist libraries I purchased in this month... the human voice is the most beautiful instrument. It was the one thing that was missing from my music. I purchased the DIVA Revamp library a few years ago, but it doesn't compare to these two new libraries in regards to true realism.

    Thanks again friend for the kind words,


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    Re: Serious Soloist Activity!!!

    Well, Richard, just as I got through explaining on Art's "Tempi" post, my post on this thread of yours looks like it got zapped out of existence during the big server switch here on the Forum. Dang -

    Well, I don't have it in me to reconstruct what I said before - Basically, I'm just really happy you found such a great virtual vocalist who brings a perfect new layer to your music. You're using her well, and I can see she's bringing you renewed inspiration. It's pretty amazing to see you just Go on this big project of yours. Keep it up!


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    Re: Serious Soloist Activity!!!

    Thanks Randy for the feedback. I did get your previous message before. I am in voice heaven! Soon I'll be hearing soloists in my sleep! LOL!

    My entire Dramatic War post is gone as well. I will post that again later with the sfx enterign then fading to the percussion.



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    Re: Serious Soloist Activity!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by sururick View Post
    ...I did get your previous message before...
    Oh, good! So even though my post disappeared here at the Forum, you got auto-email about it. Cool beans.


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    Re: Serious Soloist Activity!!!

    Ahh, I forgot about the auto emails, handy! I actually saw it here on the forum before it disappeared.

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    Oh, good! So even though my post disappeared here at the Forum, you got auto-email about it. Cool beans.


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    Re: Serious Soloist Activity!!!

    Hello Richard!

    It's nice to hear these vocal samples. I mentioned on another thread recently that I am interested to hear where vocal samples are going. Though I don't use them much (not at all at least in the last few years), I think it is interesting to follow the technology. The voice has such a huge range of timbres, it is a fantastically complex problem to tackle for the instrument sample industry.

    This was a wonderful sampling of what this library is capable of, and the compositions themselves were equally impressive! Thanks for sharing!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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    Re: Serious Soloist Activity!!!

    Thanks Michael!

    I agree, voice samples are extremely difficult. Before my two recent libraries, "Shevannai, the Voice of Elves and Voice of Gaia - Lind Strawberry," all I had was Diva Revamp which is good, but doesn't match the quality of these libraries. I am 150% happy with these libraries and are able to replace a real singer for what I need to do.

    Thanks for the kind remarks on the actual compositions as well.



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