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Topic: My first film and score...please critique

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    My first film and score...please critique

    I figured I would get a jump start on my New Years resolution: to get my projects out of my safe little world in my studio and to the ears of some good critics. I have a bad tendency to compose music for my sole enjoyment and too often get a bit nervous with letting other musicians have a listen with fear to the potential feedback.

    So, with that said here goes:

    This is my first film I directed, edited and scored in school this past fall semester.


    *try saving this file first otherwise IE might play it in a very small window. Unfortunately yahoo limits my uploads so I really had to compress this file. It is in QT .mov format with mpeg-4 compression so the window is teenie tiny and the audio is so-so.


    I am also putting a link to a mp3 version of just the score which is still overly compressed but way better quality than with the video.

    I would appreciate any constructive critisism.


    Edward Trevino

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    Re: My first film and score...please critique

    I listened to your score whilst watching the video clip and guess what? I really enjoyed it - it made me want to find out what was going on. I liked the way it added a slightly sinister atmosphere to the pictures. It sounded very competent and complemented the film very well, so well done!

    My only criticisms are:

    - the percussion sounds slightly flanged (like a very short single echo is smearing the main sound)

    - the violins sounded a bit exposed and close-up in places

    - some of the strings, particularly when the chap in black stands up (sorry I couldn\'t be more specific about the timing) and a kind of jaw-ish cello motif starts sounded a bit hollow and raspish. But that could be down to the encoding!

    All in all a very impressive piece of work!


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    Re: My first film and score...please critique

    Nice music. Maybe a bit over dramatic for the film but good. Next time you should cut down on the dissolves when editing.

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    Re: My first film and score...please critique

    Very nice work, Edward. I really like the score. It fits the video very well and adds to the mood.

    -- Martin

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    Re: My first film and score...please critique

    I think the score was excellent. It was composed very tastefully--especially the intro. My only regret is there are no stops in the music. It would have been cool if (assuming the intention was no talking, but could have sound fx) to have the music stop....hear some footsteps as he begins to run down the hall, then pick back up again. Little places this could be done, but I don\'t know if you even have the capability of the sound fx. It is just a thought. However, this does not subtract from the score which I feel is well done.

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    Re: My first film and score...please critique

    Thanks everyone for the great reviews. I guess I should mention a little about the project. This was the first Film Production class I\'ve taken in college. (I\'m majoring in film) Our assignment was to create a film no more than 5 minutes that was based on a location. The cameras we used didn\'t allow for sync audio dialog.

    I only had about $500 for the project.

    The music was composed with 1 instance of Edirol Orchestral VST (15 instrumnets) with its own reverb and 1 instance of Absynth with a Waves reverb all in Cubase. Editing of the film was in Vegas.

    Thank you for the critisism too. I agree, now looking at the film, that it was a bit heavy on dissolves. And also with some of the violin parts being too pronounced. The flanging sound in the percussion I think is from the file compression. The .wav master I have doesn\'t have that.

    I wish yahoo would let me upload larger than 5 MB [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] I have 50 MB with them on my website!!

    On another more happy note I will be switching up to EWQLSO Platinum in about 3 weeks!! I can\'t even imagine how that will unlock my compositions. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


    Edward Trevino

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    Re: My first film and score...please critique

    Excellent work, Edward! Glad I finally got to see it [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] . You always amaze me with what you can pull out of your samples (I count myself lucky enough to have heard some of his works and I should say - share more of your stuff!)

    I felt the music did not only compliment, but really helped to shape and direct the viewers\' attentions. The tension building and releases were very well done and brought me into the moment as the protagonist sought his escape. It is very difficult to care about someone\'s plight when you have only minutes to get to know him, and the music accomplished this well.

    At first, I was wondering if the dramatic music was a bit much for a short like this, inherently non-epic in nature, but as it developed, and taken as a whole after experiencing the full work, I have to say that I feel it set the highs and lows of the film very well, and created a sense of purpose/intent for the overall work. I liked it very much.

    Can\'t wait to hear what you do with QLSO [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: My first film and score...please critique

    Hey Mike! Good to hear from you...I wanted you to see the finished version on DVD [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] ...It is so much better than all this compressed file business. Thanks for the remarks too.

    [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Edward

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