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Topic: SAM Horns: How to get more of a legato sound?

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    SAM Horns: How to get more of a legato sound?

    I\'m using the SAM H MW Sustain sample, which probably isn\'t the best choice in this case.. but I want a faster attack so the notes sound more connected instead of having the \"fade in\" effect at the beginning. I tried probably the best option, which is SAM H LAY - Sust,MarcB. It would normally suffice for a legato passage I think.. but I\'m doing a turnaround (surprise surprise, I do know a bit of music terminology [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] , and it\'s not quick enough for it.

    Any suggestions? It would be cool to have a staccato layered w/ a sustain. I know you can layer samples yourself in GigaStudio, I just don\'t know how.

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    Re: SAM Horns: How to get more of a legato sound?

    Try a couple of things and see which one you like best. A fast way would be to load the staccatto patch on say Port 3, with the Marc B patch on Port 2, and the MW Sustains on Port 1, all of the same channel in Gigastudio. Then look towards the mid-left of your screen in Giga, and check out the midi activity 1 2 3 4 green lights above a miniature keyboard. Click once on port two and port three (this links the ports by channel) so that when you strike a key, all three patches on the same channel on all three ports will sound together.

    That\'s one way, but personally, I find it easier to simply load 3 patches like that on different channels, and create the additional midi tracks for them in my sequencer. Then copy the phrase onto the new midi tracks, and tweak away until it sounds right. Seems much more adjustable that way to me at least.

    There are probably other ways, but I\'m no Giga master. That\'s just how I\'ve been doing things. Hope this helps at least a bit.


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