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Topic: Spectrasonics Question re: Vocal Planet adding?

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    Spectrasonics Question re: Vocal Planet adding?

    I love the Vocal planet and Symphony of Voices sounds on Omnisphere.

    Is there any way to add more of them if I buy Vocal Planet, for example?

    If I were to buy Vocal Planet, do I need another sample player?

    I use Sonar X2-X3 now.

    Thanks for any help on Spectrasonics.

    --- Glenn Galen

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    Re: Spectrasonics Question re: Vocal Planet adding?

    Hi Glenn,

    If you buy the Sample Library of Vocal Planet or Symhony of Voices in Akai format for example, you would need a software sampler such as Kontakt or EXS24 that can read/import Akai formatted discs. You would also use thie software sampler to load the sounds. Omnisphere currently does not support the ability to import any new audio samples that do not come with Omnisphere already so it is not possible to use it with sample libraries.
    Austin Haynes
    Sales and Technical Support

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