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Topic: New piece uses Sam Horns, some LOP and more

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    New piece uses Sam Horns, some LOP and more

    Hi All,

    A new (and short) piece of mine, Ominosity, just went live. It was inspired by the octave intervals in SAM Horns. Other instruments are Sam Trumoets and SAM Timpani, G-Town snare, DDSB trumnet, LOP Bass drum (compressed) and I played the guitar part. FWIW, that was through a J-Station. Given current events the tone of the piece is appropriate. I hope you enjoy it. Here\'s the link.


    Steve Chandler
    aka Ettienne

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    Re: New piece uses Sam Horns, some LOP and more


    how about some nice reverb and a lot more messing around with dynamics and articulations on trumpets?


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    Re: New piece uses Sam Horns, some LOP and more

    Hey Alex,

    Are you sure it\'s reverbs you want? I could definitely improve the trumpet part, the fortissimo layer can part hair and a few notes in one turn are a bit weak. Much of the part writing resides in a similar registers. I\'m not completely happy with some of the timing. But you said \"ouch,\" so exactly what do you mean? Is it an EQ problem? Did I overcompress the bass drum?

    Most of the libraries have plenty of ambience in them and I added a judicious amount of reverb to the other tracks so that it wouldn\'t sound too wierd. Anyway Alex, I appreciate your response, but would appreciate specifics more. Thanks.


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    Re: New piece uses Sam Horns, some LOP and more

    Well this is what my ears are telling me.

    It lacks any kind of ambiance, sounds just like starte samples coming out of GS160...
    So try puting lots of reverb on everything except G-Town stuff...

    Ouch, was refering to the trumpets, it\'s just when your trumpets come out I say ouch...hehe
    They sound to high and to flat in dynamics.
    Also did you think about adding strings to the arrangment, try doubling the trumpet line with violines or violas? Just to make trumpets scream a bit less.. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Just my personal opinion..


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    Re: New piece uses Sam Horns, some LOP and more


    I mixed a tune recently (as a test) with a \'judicous\' amount of my SRV-330 Roland. All I can say is that it sounded \'naked\' - with all the \'seams\' that are found in all sample libraries exposed. Remember what Marteen said recently - his (outstanding) demos would sound like crap if he didn\'t use an ample amount of verb.

    Wash this piece in more verb and re-post so we can give a listen (using more verb the farther you get back from the conductor).


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