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Topic: A Morning I'll Never Forget... (A Sad Rainy Morning) WIP

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    A Morning I'll Never Forget... (A Sad Rainy Morning) WIP

    Here is the next composition I am working on for Angel Tara - The Girl With Wings. This is an extremely emotional piece personally. This expresses upon that day, the day that took her away from me. It is a day that will continue to remain with me for the rest of my life. It is the morning I'll never forget...

    The composition is an arrangement to, "A Sad Rainy Morning," i composed years ago for the memories of Tara.

    I have been releasing a lot of demos and WIP projects, mainly due to because I am working on many different compositions at the same time.

    Libraries used:
    - Shevannai, the Voice of Elves
    - Olympus Micro Choir
    - Online SFX Generator

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    Re: A Morning I'll Never Forget... (A Sad Rainy Morning) WIP

    Oh my goodness. Gorgeous. I have to get me one of those micro choirs! The way you've used it is perfect. I love the harmonies you used at :37 and :52 etc - beautiful juxtaposition.
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    Re: A Morning I'll Never Forget... (A Sad Rainy Morning) WIP

    More than ever, I think you're getting the sound you want for your pieces, Richard. The addition of these vocal libraries is the perfect ingredient to add to Instant Orchestra and the rest of what you're using to put together these sound textures, both of the melancholic, moody kind you gravitate to, as well as the soundtrack-like gaming themes you enjoy producing.

    This lead vocalist is from yet another Library! Linda Strawberry was heard earlier, now this one is very effective also. Goodness - you've really been building up your resources!


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    Re: A Morning I'll Never Forget... (A Sad Rainy Morning) WIP

    Thanks Randy and Owen.

    I only found out about Shevannai, the Voice of Elves about a week after I bought Voice of Gaia, Linda Strawberry. I knew... I just knew I had to crack open the wallet and get this! I am very happy with these two libraries.

    I purchased DIVA Revamp a few years ago, and it was a good library at the time, and still is, but the technical quality is not as high as the two libraries above, and I never really used it much. I probably only ever used it in about five compositions.

    I'm going to definitely be putting these two new soloists to use! Both libraries have their unique qualities. One thing I liek about
    Shevannai is the controlled vibrato, the speaking words (Tu, Tam, Ra, etc) that can be used with the ahh, ooo, ohh, etc. Shevannai also comes with a lot of phrases (whispered, melodic, chants, etc).



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