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Topic: PMI Bos290 updates

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    PMI Bos290 updates

    We have added new updated programs to the PMI Bösendorfer 290 releases.
    For the Kontakt version we have added:
    \"B290 Dry+Sustain no release\" and \"B290 Dry 16 with Sustain samples\". These programs are 16 layers programs (with and without release samples)that use the string resonance from the wet sustain pedal down samples.
    These two programs behave like any ordinary sampled piano; you have to activate the sustain pedal before you play a note to hear the sustain pedal down samples.

    Then we added the 16 layer program \"B290 Dry realtime Sustain\" which behaves like a real piano: the moment you activate the sustain pedal you will hear the resonance from the sustain pedal down samples build up even when you already have played some notes on the keyboard.

    Other new programs:
    B290 Wet pedal down samples.nki
    B290 Wet 16 layer rel.nki
    B290 Wet 16 layer.nki
    B290 Dry 16 layers.nki

    The above programs have also been added in the Vs4 update for the PMI Bos290 plug-in.

    Both updates are now available on our website: www.postpiano.com

    Happy NewYear!

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    Re: PMI Bos290 updates

    Thanks Michiel,
    For the continuing support and Excellent work..I personally love how easy the plugin is to use..Happy New Year! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Rich

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