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Topic: The Dramatic War - Salvation Introduction

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    The Dramatic War - Salvation Introduction

    Well, I originally posted the first version to this a couple of days ago and was wiped out due to the forum, but here goes another shot!

    I am nearing completion to my project, "Angel Tara - The Girl With Wings," and album dedicated to the memories of Tara. It will be available to download for everyone at www.save-tara.com once completed.

    So, now I have decided to pick up on a commercial album, "The Dramatic War - Salvation." This album is about WWII and the Holocaust. I have studied both since elementary years to present.

    Anyways, here is a full demo of the introduction to the new album being created!

    I faded out the SFX early into the composition. You are right, much better!

    Libraries used:
    - Shevannai, the Voice of Elves - Soloist (Best Service)
    - Olympus Micro Choir - Choir (Soundiron)
    - Drum Corps - Percussion (Soundiron)
    - M1 Garand Rifle - Gun SFX Percussion (Soundiron)
    - Instant Orchestra - Organic Brass and Evolving Orchestra (Garritan)
    - Demension Pro - Expressivo Cello and Violins (Cakewalk AKA Sonivox)
    - Special Edition Strings - Solo Violin (Vienna)
    - Online SFX Generator (Cool Site)

    *Drum Corps and the M1 Garand Rifle are my latest additions to my libraries Another real great company!

    *This is also my biggest attempt in making a drum/percussion line. I am not a percussion composer so this is new for me.



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    Re: The Dramatic War - Salvation Introduction

    Quote Originally Posted by sururick View Post
    I faded out the SFX early into the composition. You are right, much better!...
    Richard, I'm glad to see you persevered and re-posted this. And I'm also glad you liked the idea of fading the gun fire out early in the recording (my suggestion on the missing thread)- it's effective to have your music itself carry the mood. Good job.


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    Re: The Dramatic War - Salvation Introduction


    Your list of libraries keep getting longer and longer for each track that you introduce here and the blend of all of these are quite good. They all seem to work together to make a very powerful statement. I particularly liked the last third with the drums. Paints a very nice image even if you didn't have youtube already showing you one.

    I'm not quite sure about - Shevannai as the soloist though. The voice is quite nice until you hit all the sibilance towards the end of her first entrance...all the "sssss" sounds were somewhat distracting for me, but this could just be my preference so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Maybe a slight high filter could knock those down a bit.

    Another fine track you present here Richard, thanks for the post.


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    Re: The Dramatic War - Salvation Introduction

    Thanks Cass and Randy!

    First I'd like to say WOOOOOOOO!!!! The forums are back. I guess clicking my heels three times and making a wish actually worked!!! LOL JK!!! But good to see the forums back!

    I think you are right Cass, I may have overkilled the soloist on this one. I will have to do some further work, maybe just use some of the special words and more of the standard vowels like Ohhh, ahhh, etc.

    I love the percussion myself in the last part. That is a part of the new arrangement to my old composition, The Dramatic War which was composed to reflect upon the Holocaust.



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