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Topic: Impressions of this piano library?

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    Impressions of this piano library?

    Yes, another \"guess this piano\" quiz, of sorts:

    I\'ve posted a song named \"November\" to the MP3 Upload Area, under the Jazz category, more for a discussion of the piano sound than the song (and the playing...)And I\'m not sure if I can call this jazz or not, but I had to choose a category, and it isn\'t country.

    This is a library that doesn\'t seem to get a lot of discussion on this board. You may notice a few of its weaknesses, but I\'d like to hear impressions of its strengths, too. And can you guess the library?

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    Re: Impressions of this piano library?

    I went to the \"user demos\" area but didn\'t see a tune named \"November\". Is there a lag between posting and visibility on the site, or am I looking in the wrong place?

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    Re: Impressions of this piano library?

    Hmm..Somehow the song\'s title isn\'t indicated--the file is downloaded by clicking on \"Music\" next to my name. (And the file name is a series of numbers and letters, I guess needed, since people might call their pieces by the same name.)

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    Re: Impressions of this piano library?

    I found it hard to find, too:

    1. Click on the User Demos button to the right of the top of the basic forum screen.

    2. Click on the Upload Your Demo Click Here link: http://northernsounds.net/gigavote/go.php?go=signupphp

    3. Near the top of the screen, click on the User Demo\'s link--http://www.northernsounds.net/gigavote/ . (The form only needs to be filled out if you\'re posting a file.)

    4. Click on the Newest Compositions link at the right of the screen-- http://www.northernsounds.net/gigavote/go.php?go=newphp&c=all to see a list of all the files.

    I hope the moderators will review this. The files get lost. (But it\'s great to have this ability to upload mp3\'s.)

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Impressions of this piano library?

    It is easier if you go to the front page of the website and navigate from there. It\'s almost as if it\'s two separate upload areas!!

    It\'s a nice reflective piece. I have no idea what library it is. At times it sounds similar to the Post Steinway, but it isn\'t that one. I like its darkness and immediacy, but notice that it runs out of steam when you\'re pushing on some of the lower-mids. For the piece, it\'s a good timbre.

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    Re: Impressions of this piano library?

    That piano mostly works well for that piece. Particularly in the upper octaves, there was a realism that I liked but don\'t quite understand. Is the actual piano perhaps not quite \"perfect\", or at least not terribly expensive? If so, the sampled version will sound more like the pianos most of us actually get to use.

    I\'ll say it\'s not a library I own, but leave the guessing to others.

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    Re: Impressions of this piano library?

    Hmmm... Sounds like a upright but slightly out of tune, as I know it doesn\'t sound like our Upright Library I\'d guess it\'s Worra\'s Rain Piano.


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    Re: Impressions of this piano library?

    Thanks, Bruce. Seems like no one else has listened...

    To make finding it simpler, here\'s the link:


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    Re: Impressions of this piano library?

    Hmmm.. It\'s maddening. I\'m more certain of what it\'s not than what it is... It sounds, in places, like it might be one of Warren Trachtman\'s pianos [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Impressions of this piano library?

    Hmm. I hadn\'t thought it sounded like an upright, and hadn\'t noticed that it sounded \"not terribly expensive.\" Maybe my ears are getting worse.

    I like the immediacy too. The midrange lack of volume or presence (is that what\'s meant by running out of steam?) may come more from my settings than the instrument.

    I\'ll leave this up another day or two. (Few people have responded.)

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