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Topic: HERE'S YOUR CHANCE - PC game soundtrack needed

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    HERE\'S YOUR CHANCE - PC game soundtrack needed


    Thanks, everyone.. I have enough now [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] More than enough! I will work next week on narrowing it down to three or four candidates, and let the team lead choose from there.

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    Re: HERE\'S YOUR CHANCE - PC game soundtrack needed

    Message sent.

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    Re: HERE\'S YOUR CHANCE - PC game soundtrack needed

    Thanks for the opportunity, Sam [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Do you have any screenshots or graphics for inspiration??

    Is there a website for this game??

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    Re: HERE\'S YOUR CHANCE - PC game soundtrack needed

    I probably shouldn\'t give the URL out.. it\'s an internal link. I will tell you, the levels I\'ve seen are dark & ominous. I will forward all your URLs/portfolios (those who email me) to the head guy and let him choose who he wants to send imagery to.

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    Re: HERE\'S YOUR CHANCE - PC game soundtrack needed

    Ok, I\'ll compose something tonight. I\'ll set up an ftp so you can listen to it ASAP. I\'ll email you with the URL for the demo. Thanks again.

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    Re: HERE\'S YOUR CHANCE - PC game soundtrack needed

    What\'s the timescale for this thing? When do they need someone to start by and when does it all need to be finished? I\"m occupied up until January you see but it sounds interesting.

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    Re: HERE\'S YOUR CHANCE - PC game soundtrack needed

    - Edited ! - Sorry. My post didn\'t make sense anymore after reading the title of the game.


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    Re: HERE\'S YOUR CHANCE - PC game soundtrack needed

    Yeah I agree, this sounds fishy. \"veterans from microsoft etc\" ? Big dudes would want big dudes in on their project. Not some backyard \"no-brand\" composer like the likes of us. (No offense to anyone, just the harsh reality) - If they had contacts in their previous businesses, they\'ll most likely still have those contacts, and use them.

    Even though I do not wish to take a shot at this project I do salute you for your nice gesture of giving away your work to others in this community!

    Someone find out what this business is before someones hands get burned! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: HERE\'S YOUR CHANCE - PC game soundtrack needed

    OK, the game is called Reprisal. Work on the soundtrack should start ASAP, probably in December or January. The group is called 13th Floor Gaming.. part of Power Infused Productions I believe the name is.

    I think by \"veterans of MS, EA, Sega, etc.\" that means \"employees who used to work for these companies but were laid off.\" [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] It happens.

    For what it\'s worth, during the time I dealt with the team, it was very professional. It did seem to have a lot of youngsters, but that\'s OK. The quality of work was great, they have an unbelievable amount of concept art, design docs, etc.

    By the way, thank you all for your e-mails. Man, there is some really incredible talent on this forum... I listened to some really cool stuff last night, and I got a lot of responses too. I\'ll give it maybe one more day for submissions, then that\'s it (I probably have more than enough right now).


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    Re: HERE\'S YOUR CHANCE - PC game soundtrack needed

    Hey everyone,
    Sams offer is generous and it makes me wonder about something.
    Should there be an employment section at the northernsounds forum? I\'ve been regesitered at the Digidesign Web site for a few years now and, as a freelancer, check thier job section periodically. I\'ve noticed at that particular site, the employer posting the job usually responds to me directly BUT they do check their postings.
    Now we all use Giga for different things, but perhaps like Sam there are gigs that come to us that, for whatever reason, we pass on and refer to others. Maybe and employment section at northernsounds could be that resource.
    Just a thought to members and moderators.


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