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Topic: Windows 8

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    Windows 8

    Hi, Hope I'm in the right place here. Maybe buying laptop with win 8 (inescapably) installed, knowing it much depends on my sequencer (Sonar 6 -why update?), will GPO4 or JABB four year old be redundant? I will still have desktop pc with good old XP. Thanks for any reply. Don.

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    Re: Windows 8

    I hear that you can still by downgrades to Windows 7, if you like, and one version has some backward compatibility to XP for your older apps and hardware.

    XP is still the most stable and compatible with software and peripherals. You do have that limit to the amount of RAM, though. Unfortunately, music and video apps love RAM, so I can understand musicians wanting to upgrade. For general business applications, most of my clients are staying with XP -- though that may change in the spring when MS is supposed to stop supporting it (and presumably issuing updates). Whether third parties will pick up the reigns remains to be seen.

    Most companies are focused on handheld devices these days (because that's where they think the money is). Desktops and full featured applications are not getting the attention they used to. I think they will still be around, for power users and creative types. But, that said, I wouldn't be surprised if fewer choices, fewer companies, less innovation and higher price tags will be the norm in the future.

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    Re: Windows 8

    I find that Windows 7 is a stable as Windows XP. You may run into issues though running Sonar 6 on Windows 7 or Windows 8. It may be time to upgrade to a new version. The engine behind the newer versions of Sonar is more efficient and the newer versions have better multi-processor support so you can run more plugins.


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