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Topic: OT: Identical Pieces?

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    OT: Identical Pieces?

    Hey Folks,
    I was just listening to an internet sream at 365live.com. I was lisetning to film scores and James Horner was playing. I was listening and thinkin, \'Yea. . I love this soundtrack to \'A Beautiful Mind\' I looked at my MP3 player and it said, \'James Horner: Bicentennial Man-The Machine.\' I was like Wow this is almost identical to the soundtrack that I purchased of \'Beautiful mind.\'
    Of course there could be a mistaken label or tag at 365live. Can anyone concur that Beautiful Mind and Bicentennial Man have similar themes on tracks? My jaw dropped because even the instrumentation was similar not just melodies.


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    Re: OT: Identical Pieces?

    It wouldn\'t be surprising... Those guys all use the same themes over and over again. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: Identical Pieces?

    It\'s been a long time since I saw Bicentenial Man, but try giving Braveheart a listen back to back with it. I don\'t have a problem with similiarities, but jeez...

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    Re: OT: Identical Pieces?

    In his defence, what\'s the bet that when they temped the music for these films they used music that the director and editor liked which was actually Horner\'s own.

    How hard would it be to deviate from the path when the music your employers are asking for is stuff you not only like, but actually wrote and recorded in the first place!

    Even if you wanted to, they would probably object if you did something substantially different, so your window for creativity becomes pretty small. What are you going to do - say \"Yes, I can write and like to write music like that, but I won\'t do it for you, because my peers require me to reinvent myself every six months.\"?

    Lets not forget that it\'s a job, and a writer is within his rights to plagiarise himself. Heck, if he sticks to just plagiarising himself he\'s pretty much a saint in that community [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: Identical Pieces?

    Braveheart and Bicentennial Man? Who are you kiddin? Now Braveheart and Titanic maybe..


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    Re: OT: Identical Pieces?

    Come on guys, its common knowledge; James Horner copies himself repeatedly.


    Link 2

    Link 3 (Halfway down the page is Horner)

    Link 4

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    Re: OT: Identical Pieces?

    Hey Guys,
    Ok ok I hadn\'t heard all his stuff. I was just a little taken aback. When listening to 365.com, the music stream recycles after a period of time and I had a chance to hear the Bicentennial Man excerpt again and had time to check the MP3 ID.
    Anyway. I do like his stuff and I wasn\'t bringing this up to rag on the guy-I just wanted to make sure I wasn\'t crazy and given your replies; I guess I\'m not.

    Chadwaick-Yup. I realize what your saying when your earning your living writing. I\'d love the day when my stuff is used in a temp score AND i get the gig?!? GEEEEZE just shoot me.

    Hasen-oohhhh thanks for the links. Some of the reviews seem a bit rough but yeah it proves that my ears are wrong.

    Thanks for everyone who replied.


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    Re: OT: Identical Pieces?

    Yeah the reviewers are harsh. Don\'t get me wrong, I love James Horner\'s stuff; Aliens is fantasic....although I\'ve heard that his best work is one of his first films I think it was \'Battle Beyond the Stars\'. I haven\'t listened to the score but apparently that is the best work he did as most everything else he\'s scored since borrows from it.

    I like his alternative action scores like Commando and Gorky Park as well.

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    Re: OT: Identical Pieces?

    Hehe, James horner copies the same brass melody from the movie \"Glory\" in quite a few of his pieces.

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