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Topic: Main Theme, Corruption, and Fate's Decision Demos (TDW - Salvation)

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    Main Theme, Corruption, and Fate's Decision Demos (TDW - Salvation)

    The Dramatic War - Main Theme:


    Fates Decision:

    This is a set of three composition demos I am creating for my new commercial project, "The Dramatic War - Salvation." I posted a video earlier, "The Dramatic War - Salvation Introduction." However a few things have changed. Below is a detailed summary about the album according to what I have described on the TDW site.

    *Corruption will fade into a sorrowful string and choir piece after the military style part is played.

    Also, I'd like to note that Garritan's Instant Orchestra will be playing one of the biggest parts to this album! The full layering, ensembles, etc are unmatched to any library I currently own and will be a great asset in this project.


    War... it always comes with casualties. In this broken and torn world of corruption and hatred, there is always some means of war. From the beginning of time there has always been struggle and despair, for the world has always been an open battleground of war.

    We all desire peace, happiness, and love... Whether it is the horrors and tragedies of WWII, a long fight with depression, all the hatred in today's society, or even losing the one you love to a tragedy it is all a struggling dramatic war in some form or another.

    Sometimes it’s just difficult to see that peace, happiness, or love when it’s hidden behind a massive wall of darkness and despair.

    The Dramatic War - Salvation, the next album in the series composed by Richard John S, focuses on the past and present sorrows and struggles of the world. It portrays the endless battles we all have to fight through to get to the salvation and love we all deserve..."

    Rather than just focusing on WWII and the Holocaust, I have decided to focus on a much larger picture. TDW - Salvation is meant to reflect on humanity as whole how we treat each other, the struggles, hated, and corruption in the world from the past to the present and to the future. War, struggling, and sorrow has been a part of humanity since the beginning of time.

    Libraries Used in Demos:
    Instant Orchestra (Garritan) *Organic Brass, Slow Orchestra, Earth Metals
    - Drumcorps (Soundiron) *Main Percussion
    - M1 Garand Rifle (Soundiron) *Gun percussion
    - Olympus Microchoir (Soundiron) *Full choir
    - Vienna Special Edition Strings (Vienna) *Viola Section
    - Vienna Soprano Choir (Vienna) *Soprano Choir
    - EWQLSO Silver Edition (Eastwest) *Trumpet
    - Shevannai, the Voice of Elves (Best Service) * Soloist
    - Dimension Pro (Cakewalk and Sonivox) *Expressivo Cello Section

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    Re: Main Theme, Corruption, and Fate's Decision Demos (TDW - Salvation)

    Richard! You have some pretty dark stuff going on here. This is a good musical effort but it certainly does NOT put me in a good mood. I do appreciate your musical expression of war and corruption. I think it is presented well. Jay

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    Re: Main Theme, Corruption, and Fate's Decision Demos (TDW - Salvation)

    Thanks Jay for listening to the pieces. Yeah, it is kind of a bit on the darker side. I am trying to compose to express on the not so happy parts of the world and society for this album. Once I am done with this, I have plans for a relaxation album of calming atmospheres.



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    Re: Main Theme, Corruption, and Fate's Decision Demos (TDW - Salvation)

    Hello Richard:

    I love all three, very skillful and dramatic.
    I have seen and experienced the horrors of WWII and am convinced that any war is a shame on our intelligence, not one of it is ever justifiable. Happy to be Canadian, hoping that we will be able to stay out of the insane militarism.
    Thanks for posting...


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    Re: Main Theme, Corruption, and Fate's Decision Demos (TDW - Salvation)

    To hear these, I had to download the videos first. There's some incompatibility between my video card and my sound interface, once fixed, now back again. -Which begs the question, why don't you ever just post MP3s, Richard? You're not usually using visuals for the music - it would make it more straight forward to simply post MP3s, and people with video problems wouldn't be challenged. I've been meaning to ask that for some time. Why video when you're not really sharing videos, but music?

    Meanwhile, these are all sounding very good, nice developments from the previous versions.


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    Re: Main Theme, Corruption, and Fate's Decision Demos (TDW - Salvation)

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    THat indeed must have been hard to experience some of the horrors of WWII. I have only done massive research and studying on this, but I could only ever imagine how terrible it would be to actually through it. My Grandparents went through very hard times through the war. They are Hungarian and a lot of bad things happened there. Thanks for listening to the compositions.

    Thanks for listening to the tunes! I usually use at least one image, whether a logo or some art reflecting on the piece. I use videos because I post them on my sites to give some kind of visual presentation to pain a picture. In most cases, I don't do a full video video such as what I did for, "Save Tara - Symphony for an Angel," buy having at least one visual adds another thought to the mind. For instance, when I see other people's video with one picture and listen to the music. I can just visualize the entire experience. Youtube is the biggest sharing platform for my music including what I compose for the memories of Tara. I share these videos in many different places: FB, My sites, and others. The videos give at least one visual of the composition, and as mentioned above even one image can describe the entire piece. Basically, it is the platform I have learned to use and adapted to, and it is convenient. It is also well organized and saves strain on hosting physical files on my sites. I only learned of dropbox since being here, so I never really started anything with that. I am only getting into soundcloud now. That really odd that youtube and your soundgear don't mix. They are all encoded the same as my previous videos, and youtube just converts them to their format anyways. Not sure why you had to download the videos. That makes me scratch my chin... I can start posting both the video and audio file it will make things easier. I am thinking of going premium for soundcloud soon anyways. Right now I am only using them for what I compose for Tara. Being a premium member I will be able to group things a little better (demos, etc...).

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    Senior Member tedvanya's Avatar
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    Re: Main Theme, Corruption, and Fate's Decision Demos (TDW - Salvation)

    Hello again Richard:
    Grandparents Hungarians? I am from Hungary too, arrived in Canada 1958, escaping after 1956. When did they arrive?
    One question I have reading your manual. You are mentioning gig files translated to SF2, you mean giga files can be translated? And if yes, what is the quality of thew results?

    best wishes


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    Re: Main Theme, Corruption, and Fate's Decision Demos (TDW - Salvation)

    Hey Ted,

    This is really interesting to hear. I called my Grandmother earlier today to find out. She left in 1956, and went to England for few years then arrived in Canada. Her name is Eva Suru (from Gyor) and Her husband is John Suru (from Dunafoldvar). My Grandmother's maiden name is, "Molnar."

    As for the gig to sfz, indeed I meant Giga. Basically how it works is the Sample converter takes the original and will convert it to a dedicated format. My soloist library DIVA revamp uses key switching and it turned out fine. The key is selecting the right settings. So far all of the conversions I did to import into Aria have worked quite will with no problems. Keep in mind there are some libraries such as my new ones for Kontakt (Voice of Gaia, Drumcorps, etc) and they are Kontakt dedicated do to the programming. If you are planning on doing my tutorial and need some more one on one help feel free to PM me and I'll be glad to help.



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    Re: Main Theme, Corruption, and Fate's Decision Demos (TDW - Salvation)

    Still trying to get caught up here Richard.

    All three of these cues are really moving and paint a vivid albeit dark picture in ones brain which is what you're trying to achieve. The soloist in the 3rd track is really well done. You managed to cut out the sibilance that I mentioned in my last post to you. I like her voice now.

    You are getting to be a real master at combining all these libraries and having them sound as if they were all from the same company. They meld well.

    One thought here, purely subjective but you might try it to see what you think. On the second cut, corruption, you have the snare drum right "in your face". For variation from the other tracks you might try and set the snare back stage a bit more so it sounds distant. Easiest way to do this would be to turn down your "dry" on the wet and dry sliders in your reverb plugin a bit, don't turn up the wet. If your have pre delay, turn that up to 100 or so.

    Anyway, just a thought. Good tracks, you're preceding very well with this project!!


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    Re: Main Theme, Corruption, and Fate's Decision Demos (TDW - Salvation)

    I have not been here in some time. I have been just trying to improve my understanding and application of the craft of composition. I thought this would be a great place to jump back in because I just started experimenting with using video with my composition. I just want to say that I love the way you are using the medium and that this is just the sort of thing that excites me conceptually. I look forward to seeing the finished product. Do you mind if I ask what you are using for video editing?

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