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Topic: Best drum loops

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    Best drum loops

    What\'s the best? I\'m looking for versatility, mainly pop and pop country...but practically anything except hip hop and rap. I\'m looking at Discrete Drums (these are loops, right?)

    Any opinions, recommendations or comments appreciated!

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    Re: Best drum loops

    Discrete Drums are excellent. I have volumes 1 and 2, and I believe there is a volume 3 out now as well.

    Vol 2 has perc loops as well.

    For the styles of music you mentioned, these will work great. If you can only get one, I\'d suggest vol 2.

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    Re: Best drum loops

    Volume 3 will be out soon. One option will be a Gigastudio Edition, whatever that means. I am guessing all will be revealed at NAMM on January 15.

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