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Topic: ? for SI strings users

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    ? for SI strings users

    Something I\'ve been pretty curious about. I haven\'t used a string library that contained up and down strokes. As I understand it, GOS\'s Maestro Tools can automate this switch, but how does it work with something like SI? If someone who\'s used it could briefly walk me through how they switch back and forth, I\'d really appreciate it. (I\'m hoping I don\'t have to rearrange a written passage of midi notes to alternate between notes accross the keyboard. I\'m also not really keen on the idea of going back and inserting key-switches beneath the phrase either, but I\'d prefer that I suppose to jumping back and forth between say a middle C and a C several octaves below it.)

    Anyway, if someone would give me the lowdown, I\'d appreciate it, thanks.

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    Re: ? for SI strings users

    You either have to use two separate MIDI ch\'s for it, or you can use a MW switched patch.

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    Re: ? for SI strings users

    FYI: The makers of SI have this nice and interesting offer:


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    Re: ? for SI strings users

    Really is a very generous offer. It\'s a shame I bought mine only days before this happened... [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] Thanks for tip D, perhaps others here will be more fortunate? heheh, knew I shoulda waited...

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