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Topic: cymbal swell samples

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    cymbal swell samples

    I\'m looking for some samples of cymbal washes or swells. A variety of lengths would be most helpful, since I have a specific spot where I want to use this and the ramp-up time and length are critical.

    G-town has some neat ones, but they don\'t work in this particular context due to the ambience. I need something drier.

    Also, I\'m not limiting myself yet to any particular kind of cymbal, but this is in a rock context so drum-kit cymbal washes are acceptable.

    For-money samples are not a problem if they\'re not too much (I have one spot in one song where I intend to use this) and I can hear what I\'m getting ahead of time.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


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    Re: cymbal swell samples


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    Re: cymbal swell samples

    I\'m sure any orchestral percussion library will have what you want. LOP, Vienna, QLSO...I\'m still using old Roland percussion CD for cymbal swells.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: cymbal swell samples

    There\'s some nice, usable ones from the Peter Erskin audio CD \"Living Drums\"

    He\'s got \'em at varying lengths, sampled with mallets and with sticks.

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    Re: cymbal swell samples

    Looks like the Erskine CD is available in the $130 to $140 range. A mention or two of the Sabian one for around $90, but couldn\'t tell if it was still in print.

    Since I need this for one or maybe two spots in one song, I was kinda hoping not to have to dig that far into my yearly \"fun money\" budget. Anyone know of any alternatives, maybe downloads where I can just select a few samples rather than get a whole cd full?

    Thanks for the pointers so far, by the way.

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    Re: cymbal swell samples

    Sampleheads\' site has some subsets of the Erskine drums that you can buy and directly download. They have one that\'s just cymbal rolls, and costs ten dollars. Perfect.

    So thanks for that pointer, it worked out well even though I didn\'t think it was going to at first :-)

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    Re: cymbal swell samples

    Sonic Implants also has drum downloads, though I don\'t know if they have just what you\'re looking for.

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