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Topic: Thanks for the freebies

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    Thanks for the freebies

    I\'m generally a lurker, but I just finished the score to a local movie and I wanted to thank the people on this board that have so generously donated their gigs -so thanks to Thomas J for his bongos and pan flute, Tob for ALL his stuff, Maarten for the free SAM trumpet fx, and Dennis(Bolder sounds) for his great angelic bottle layers. I used all those along with Garritan, LOP,SAM horns and a great CD called \'Roots of the Pacific\' which have some very evocative performances of Pacific island type drumming..if you ever need it ...
    On another note, I had the budget for a small orchestral recording session to enhance the plastic orchestra(18 stgs 6/6/3/2/1, 2tpt, 3 fhrn, 3 tbn, harp,and some soloists), but found once I had recorded the orchestra(which I did separately) I spent an horrific amount of time editing my midi to make it match the real stuff, especially the ending of notes. Although I had the midi playing to them while they were recording, I guess there is no way around having to fix things afterwards, but I have to say it was agonizing. However, I think the final result was worth it, adding the real stuff to garritan sounded great. If anyone has some wonderful method of combining midi and real with any kind of ease, I\'d like to hear about it.


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    Re: Thanks for the freebies

    Hi Brett! I\'m glad you found my gigs worthwhile. It\'s really amazing what people are giving away. I\'m a good friend of both Tob (G-Town) and Maarten (project SAM) and they are very generous people by nature. We need more people like that! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I would love to hear the end result if you have it available in mp3 or some other format! It\'s always exciting to hear the real thing when all you\'re working with is midi and midi and midi and more midi.

    I haven\'t done much of the kind of work you just completed, but I think it would be beneficial to make your mockup sound as good as possible to begin with. As realistic as you can possibly get it to sound. It should also be free of any tempo-changes and you should not play it while the musicians are recording the parts. Instead play a click-track in the appropriate tempo according to the midi mockup. If it\'s a piece that requires a lot of ritandandos and other tempi changes you\'d be better off writing the parts you want the real orchestra to play, FIRST - record it, and build your mockup around that.


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    Re: Thanks for the freebies

    I\'ll see what I can do about posting some music-don\'t have access to a webpage. I could try your suggested method for recording next time, but I don\'t think there\'s any way around a lot of editing. Probably I would budget a lot more time to fix things before the final mix...or do what MV does and have a bunch of assistants doing all the schlepper work...unfortunately there\'s almost never the budget for that in Australia.

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