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Topic: Opus 1 or QLSO Gold Edition?

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    Opus 1 or QLSO Gold Edition?

    These libraries are both $1000. I really want to get a great start in a rounded out library, but once I listened to Maarten\'s great demo on Opus 1, I was thrown back, thinking again what\'s the right choice. I\'m sure Nick Phoenix would be reading this going \"Oh my God, a possible sale, and people could influence him another way!\" I LOVE QLSO\'s upgrade plan, and the 24-bit multi-channel mic\'s (Platinum), and most importantly, I can make a better sound stage. Opus 1 is standard 16-bit, and I don\'t think it has natural sound stage reverb. Therefore I\'d have to be a engineering genious to figure out how to make the concert hall reverb sound like Maarten\'s demo. I bet I\'d get a \"wall of sound\" again using Opus 1, unless there are things I don\'t know about to avoid this. I\'ll be having Sonar 3 Producer with the Lexicon reverb plugin, but would that help any on Opus 1? On QLSO Gold Edition, the reverb is natural, and you don\'t need software plugins. Both libraries sound extremely expressive and realistic.

    Anyone, please give you opinions, thoughts, experiences on this, cause this a big purchase for me! God knows I\'ll own both one day. Thanks!


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    Re: Opus 1 or QLSO Gold Edition?

    I think that going with QLSO would be cool because it would be less of a headache to use. It\'s got it\'s own player, and it isn\'t as huge as VSL (pro or con depending on how you look at it). I think I like the sound of VSL better, but I\'d probably go with QLSO just because my computer wouldn\'t handle such a monster.

    I\'ve got SONAR 3 Pro also, and the Lexicon Reverb ROCKS, in my opinion. You can get some really nice and realistic ambience if you tweak it just right. Of course, you\'ll never get as realistic as the real thing, but close.

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    Re: Opus 1 or QLSO Gold Edition?

    Originally posted by chocothrax:
    I\'d think both libraries would kill your computer about equally, VSL legato instruments or EWQLSO release trails, I don\'t know if anyone has both to test.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Just for the record, VSL Legato consumes a relatively large amount of RAM - not CPU. A legato sample consumes no more CPU resources than a non-legato sample. I assume GS 3.0 will increase Msg32.exe RAM allocation towards 2 GB in addition to allowing a setable disk stream buffer size which will, in turn, increase the number of loaded instruments. VSL does have release samples but you do not have to use them i.e. there are non-release versions of the same sample. Also, Gigapulse, out-of-the-box, may give you the mix you are looking for.
    http://trio.harmony-central.com/ramgen/115AES/Tascam-GigaPulse.rm Hope this helps.

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    Re: Opus 1 or QLSO Gold Edition?

    Originally posted by chocothrax:
    It\'s too bad they don\'t split up the sections in gold like they do in Platinum.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">This is big news to me. So this means that you can only load THE WHOLE LIBRARY and not individual instruments for any given project? Is that right? If so, ouch!

    Thanks for the link, Craig. Gigapulse seems good - I\'d say \"sounds good\" but I don\'t think RealPlayer did it justice.

    Until Gigapulse comes out, I\'d still recommend the SIR convolver. It\'s only really useful in post-pro as a DX plug-in (not realtime or VST), but it\'s free and it works. There are a ton of impulses out there for it, some of them grade-A.


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    Re: Opus 1 or QLSO Gold Edition?

    Totally true. There\'s no need to fear mixing and engineering.

    Make the choice on what intrigues and feeds you musically, whatever that is, and work out the engineering issues in their proper, secondary role.

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    Re: Opus 1 or QLSO Gold Edition?

    As much as I was skeptical about QLSO when they paired it all down to Gold and Silver, I have to say that what I heard it\'s still quite impressive. It definitely has that hollywood Zimmer sound down. Opus 1 sounds more like a classical orchestra. Really and truly they both sound good, the biggest advantage of Opus 1 is that it comes in EXS24 format and I dislike when someone tries to force feed me their own brand of soft sampler player without giving me an option to choose my own format of choice. You might say that I\'m close minded but I just hate to introduce new variables in my well oiled set-up. New players introduce potential incompatibilities and conflicts.

    Having said that, my next purchase will probably be QLSO Gold.....go figure.....sorry to have to cave in like that, but it just sounds better to my ears for what I do.

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    Re: Opus 1 or QLSO Gold Edition?

    If you want a library which sounds loud, pick QLSO. If you want one which can also show off intimate detail, pick Opus. SAM brass could fill in your needs if you pick the latter route.

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    Re: Opus 1 or QLSO Gold Edition?

    Thanks for the replies so far guys! Opus 1 does indeed have a more classical sound, which seems a little fatter and warmer. I still think I\'ll probably go with Gold Edition just for the natural reverbed instruments and the instant sound stage placement. Opus 1 still sounds incredible, and in some cases, almost sounds even more real than QLSO. I\'m also REALLY looking at that Stormdrum I\'ve been drooling over for about 2 months now. I remember the first time I heard them in the VOTA demos, wondering what awesome percussion that was.

    For engineering issues, I\'d be interested in the main steps Maarten took to create the sound stage for the Opus 1 demo. Like someone said a few posts earlier \"it isn\'t rocket science\"..right?

    For Maarten (if you\'re reading this)

    Did he use any Gigastudio reverb, or a plugin...and if so, which one? What reverb settings does he set most of the instruments on? Did he record every track separately, and dry? What instruments did he pan, and where? Which instruments did he put more reverb on, or if any?

    About computer and resource issues, I have 2 computers right now. One doesn\'t have a GSIF soundcard in it. Here\'s the stats

    COMP 1
    Athlon XP 2500+ Barton
    N-Force 2 mobo
    1GB PC2700
    Dual 120GB WD Special Editions
    Audiophile 2496

    COMP 2
    Athlon XP 1800+
    N-Force 2 mobo
    512MB PC2700
    Dual 40GB (one is a nasty 5400RPM)
    SBLive Platinum 5.1

    Could I use my 2nd comp well with QLSO, or even Opus 1, or is a waste of time until I beef it up some more? My goal is to eventually build 4 rackmount PC\'s, all Athlon 64\'s with 2GB of PC3700 RAM in each one. I already configured everything I\'d need at newegg.com and could do it for $1500 a rackmount PC, which beats companies charging almost $3000 for one that\'s even lesser stats. This is WAAYYYYY down the road though.

    Anyways, I\'m done rambling. Thanks.

    Jared [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    P.S. Is it NOT allowed to use your soundsonline.com points WITH a 30% sale at the same time?

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    Re: Opus 1 or QLSO Gold Edition?

    Hi Jared,

    If the sale price comes up (such as the December sale items), you can apply points. However, if it is a sale item where you have to enter a promotional code, you are correct that you cannot apply points in addition to entering in the XMAS promotional code.


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