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Topic: Big Piano Wire Sound

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    Big Piano Wire Sound

    Anybody know where I can find that \"Big bass piano wire stretched over a long beam\" sound, featured in Star Trek movies? The instrument may have been called \"The Beam\": anybody gotta sample? Is it in someone lib? Thanks.

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    Re: Big Piano Wire Sound


    FWIWorth, there is also a similar instrument featured on the Thin Red Line soundtrack.

    The instrument is here in Venice, CA I believe. I remember reading about the experience of recording it.

    I believe it plays under the scene where Jim Caviezel (the blue eyed protagonist) volunteers himself towards the end and meets his fate. Don\'t quote me on that though.

    Perhaps you could contact the owner of said instrument for your own sampling session???

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Big Piano Wire Sound

    Micky Hart (from the Grateful Dead) has an instrument that consists of several very heavy gauge piano bass string like strings strung across a sturdy frame with pickups. During drum solos he would wack this thing with a pipe and use the pipe like a slide on the strings for some very cool effects. I\'ve kinda always wanted one of these myself. I\'ve tried doing a similar thing with a bass guitar, but the effect isn\'t the same w/o the high tension strings.


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    Re: Big Piano Wire Sound

    The early versions of Sound Designer II used to include a Karplus-Strong algorithm generator that could produce a very similar sound. I think there are a couple of softsynths that can also do it, but I don\'t remember which.


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