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Topic: Best Video Sync software?

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    Best Video Sync software?

    I was messing around with soundforge, and it has the ability to sync video with sound. ( I just got it ) The cool thing is, it creates layouts of certain sections of the video. I know my discovery is probably old news to you folks, but I saw this as a wonderful tool for scoring.

    What is the best software out there for scoring to video, film, ect? I\'ve been using Cakewalk to practice scoring, but after I\'ve seen this, it seems that there is a more efficient and helpful way to score to video.

    I was goofing around with the TCM silent shorts, and decided to score to it to maybe use next year when I\'m old enough. ( I don\'t know if you\'re allowed to use past videos - from previous TCM contests )

    Anyhow, please shed some light on this.

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    Re: Best Video Sync software?

    Aaron, try the multitrack-brother (sister?) of SoundForge: Sonic Foundry Vegas.

    Absolutely great!

    You will be able to play with video and sound files like they are pieces of paper on your desk...... only better. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    (Sorry for this bad comparison)


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    Re: Best Video Sync software?

    Hey Aaron,

    The other day o loaded in an mpeg 1 file into cakewalk 9 and everytime I stopped the playback, the video would jump ahead a few frames before coming to a halt.

    The other problem is I couldn\'t get the music and video to ever play in sync the same twice.

    Do you have these problems?

    I tried to set the \"starting sync time\" of the video but with an Mpeg file this was greyed out and not an option.

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