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Topic: Symphonic Strings MINI

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    Symphonic Strings MINI

    Got this info from the Sonic Implants newsletter:

    \"Symphonic Strings MINI
    Budget conscious composers stay tuned for Symphonic Strings MINI, a slightly reduced rendition of the full blown collection, for a MINI price of only $449. Shipping on 6 CD-ROMs, the MINI version is still a full featured library. We have kept all of the most needed articulations, but employed a variety of techniques to reduce the size. All samples are now at 44.1k (instead of the 48k rate found on the full version. Sustaining articulations are now looped after 4-6 seconds (compared to 6-8 seconds in the full version). All articulations included have only 2 velocity levels (compared to 3-4 velocity levels in the full version).And for some articulations, there are slightly fewer samples across the keyboard (Lite Keymap). Release Samples ARE included!

    Articulations include:
    Legato (Downbows only, Lite Keymap)
    Con Sordino (Lite Keymap)
    Pizzicato (includes Snap, Tight articulation only)
    Spiccato (Downbows only)
    Staccato (Downbows only)
    Bowed Tremolo Ordinaire
    Bowed Tremolo Sul Ponticello
    Bowed Half Step Trills
    Bowed Whole Step Trills

    For more details about these articulations, please see our Articulations page.

    The MINI collection also includes Ensemble files for all articulations, a feature our current users have been enthusiastically using. And of course, the MINI version will feature the same great Giga programming that has been praised by our users.\"

    It doesn\'t sound like as good of a deal as GOS Lite to me; but it might be a good way to get some of the cool bass sounds that the library seems to have.


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    Re: Symphonic Strings MINI

    SI Sustains are looped?? [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

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    Re: Symphonic Strings MINI

    Yes. Which is great.

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