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Topic: Sonar MIDI latency

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    Sonar MIDI latency

    Here\'s a weird problem.

    If I load up some sounds into Giga, launch Sonar, play with the sounds a bit, everything is fine. But after using \"unload all\" in Giga and then loading in a new instrument, I get major midi latency. The problem goes away if I re-load Sonar. The same problem can also be created if I switch my Giga Midi-in to SB midi port and then back to None. Also, if I leave the SB midi on I can hear notes being doubled, which proves the latency from Sonar to Giga.

    Here\'s my system...
    P4 2.8ghz
    2ghz RAM
    Win 2K
    SB Live (for midi in and s/pdif in)
    Audiophile 24/96 (for GSIF and s/pdif out)
    Sonar 1.3.1

    Alot of people will probably say, just upgrade Sonar, but I\'ve been using this setup for a long time with no problems. The only difference is that everything has recently been installed with the new hardware.

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    Re: Sonar MIDI latency

    I\'m not sure this will help, but here is you can try:
    Set the Master-Clock-Sync to audio instead of the MIDI. Even when you don\'t have any audio tracks in the Sequencer. If you\'ve already done it then just disregard this message.
    I think that Cubase and Logic could have same problems (out-of-sync or latency) when we have MIDI and Audio tracks in the SEQ.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Sonar MIDI latency

    The only thing I see is play and record timing master and they are both set to the SB Live. I know there can be a problem if they are different but I don\'t think that has anything to do with my problem.

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    Re: Sonar MIDI latency


    I\'ve checked out some of your other posts , and it seems you\'ve been having quite a few problems with your system lately =(

    I seem to remember having huge midi latency problems as well back when I had an Audiophile 24/96. I switched over to a driect pro 24/96, and kept the same motherboard, and latency wasn\'t an issue anymore. I think it had something to do with the drivers for the audiophile.

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    Re: Sonar MIDI latency

    Yeah, I guess that\'ll happen when you build your own system. The BSD problem seems to have gone away and the clicks and pops problem has been around since I\'ve had the 250gb drive. I assumed it was a problem before because I was using it with a mobo whose BIOS didn\'t see the full capacity. But this MIDI latency is a brand new problem. I still think it happens between the communication from Sonar to Gigastudio, because if I just send Midi directly to Gigastudio, it\'s fine. Unfortunately I can\'t sequence that way. And it should just work. I used this setup for a long time on my other system.

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    Re: Sonar MIDI latency

    Have you tried using any other applications besides giga to test the midi functions within sonar? You might want to try using on of the synths that came with sonar to see if the problem still exists, such as the edirol sound synth.

    I know that when I had my latency issues, it was there with every application I tried using my midi controller with, and not just giga.

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    Re: Sonar MIDI latency

    I\'m on Sonar 1.3.1. Does it have that Edirol thing you mentioned?

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    Re: Sonar MIDI latency

    It should have it. I had Sonar 1.31, and it was on there. Just try adding an audio and midi track, then click the FX tab of the audio track. Then try adding a Dxi from there. It might be under Edirol Sound Canvas. Or it might be under Roland VSC. There should only be a default of like 6 DXI plugins, so it shouldn\'t be hard to find.

    You could also using the Dxi soundfont running program that came with sonar 1.31 to see if that works (provided you have a soundfont to use). It\'s only a 30 day demo version, I believe, but it should be good enough for you to test if the midi latency is exclusive to gigastudio or not.

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    Re: Sonar MIDI latency

    Ahhh! Wait a sec. I also remembered one more problem I had with the Sonar 1.X\'s.

    If you still experience latency issues with the midi after you try using a soft synth, you may wish to check to see whether sonar is using your soundcard in MME or WDM mode. I can\'t remember exactly which it is supposed to be in, but it works a lot better in one mode as opposed to the other in Sonar 1.X. So if it is using the MME driver, try switching to WDM and vice-versa and see if that does the trick. If I remember correctly, that helped substantially.

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    Re: Sonar MIDI latency

    I will try that suggestion. It seems unlikely though since the problem isn\'t there from the beginning. It only occurs when I unload instruments from Giga.

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