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Topic: "Economy" string libraries

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    "Economy" string libraries

    I\'m afraid I know the answer to this question already (which is no), but I\'ll ask anyway:

    Are there any \"economy-priced\" (i.e. significantly under $1000) string libraries out there that offer more than 2 dynamic levels ? I was inches away from buying the Garritan Lite library until I found that it only has 2 dynamic levels of samples - which is (or one of) my current problems with my AO Strings - don\'t get me wrong, I\'m sure the Garritan lite library is great and I\'ll probably end up buying it anyway - but before I do, I just thought I\'d look and ask around for libraries with more than 2 dynamic levels.


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    Re: "Economy" string libraries

    Ultimate Strings.

    3 dynamics in most of the sustained strings.

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    Re: "Economy" string libraries

    Hmm... I thought the Ultimate Strings has some strange looping problems??? Not sure, I don\'t own the library... That is just what I heard...

    I have AO Strings and GOS... Only thing I can say is that GOS blows AO right out the water... In fact, it blows it so hard AOs probably gone all the way Mars... hehehehehe...


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    Re: "Economy" string libraries

    the loops are terrible on some notes, but it all depends on how long you sustain them.

    GOS Lite is most likely a better buy since you get more articulations and the optional upgrade path to the full version.

    Still if you\'re looking for more dynamics cheap, its US.

    More articulations cheap, GOS Lite, More articulations period. GOS Full. More dynamics Period, Sonic Implants Strings.

    All of this subject to change with the release of new orchestral libraries [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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