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Topic: Vintaudios upright piano collection

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    Vintaudios upright piano collection

    Hi all, i am a long time lurker here but now that i have my fully built Giga
    Rig, i am starting to buy some sample libraries and can now take part in the
    conversations [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] .

    Last week, I bought vintaudio\'s upright piano collection, and must say it\'s
    really good. I\'d been looking for one like this for quite some time and
    finally someone took the time to do it and do it right it seems.
    I actually think you can get even better results than their demoes sound
    The Steinway almost sounds like a baby grand or something, it really is a
    nice upright. Very rich and expressive.
    The other piano , the Clinton can sound very dark to almost like a bar
    saloon piano when you strike it hard, it has alot of character and should be
    great to play ragtime, blues or bring something different to the mix.
    The filter controlled by the modwheel is a really nice touch, it really
    changes the character of the pianos, you can go from real dark to very
    bright sounds, gives you alot more options.
    The programming is very nicely done and the tuning seems right to my ears
    and the other instruments i use in context.
    The pianos are almost dead quiet when it comes to hiss or background noise,
    i don\'t know where they were done but they are noiseless.

    Only complaint and it\'s a small one, i also work with Halion and the
    conversion takes a few more steps...
    You need to extract the GIGS from the cd\'s to put on hard drive because they
    are compressed with winrar, 2 gigs packed on 1 cd, amazing....
    Once the gigs are on the hard drie you need to import them in Halion, once
    imported in Halion you need to exchange the \".fxp\" files with the onse
    contained on the cds.....
    As you can see, it aint that easy, but the \".fxp\" files that come with the
    pianos are great and very well programmed, the only thing is in Halion you
    can\'t control the filter with the modwheel [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] , maybe they will fix this in
    a future update ?

    Anyways, at the price they\'re selling this it\'s a good buy if you are after
    something a bit different, good job Franky.

    Peace out,

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    Re: Vintaudios upright piano collection

    Hi, glad you\'re enjoying the library, if you have some time i\'d like to hear some of the music you\'re doing with it. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Vintaudio Prod.

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