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Topic: library for Transition FX and intros

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    Re: library for Transition FX and intros

    I use two products primarily (although I own a bunch of stuff that I rarely turn to) for transitional stuff. \"The Big Whoosh\" by Sound Ideas and \"Transitions\" by Noise Generation.

    Big Whoosh is useful and inexpensive but limited. Although I\'ve used it in both trailer work for logo design and in musical pieces we\'ve done.

    Transitions has the largest selection of sounds but really expensive. Definitely worth it for professionals, but not for the wedding video crowd. It comes in handy for the weird stuff.

    I think both are still on \"Sound-Ideas.com\". Give the demos a listen. Good luck.

    - Silent

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    library for Transition FX and intros

    Anybody have some cool libraries for intros and transition FX etc . Lots of quick reverses and blah blah? Any suggestions?

    Also - I know it\'s kind of elementary - could someone explain how one might go about creating a stutter beat? Thanks [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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