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Topic: Please help, looking for jazz instruments

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    Please help, looking for jazz instruments

    Can someone please recommend a good sounding flute, bass flute and clarinet for use in a JAZZ context? [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

    Not all 3 have to be from the same library.


    Ben H

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    Re: Please help, looking for jazz instruments

    Westgate Studios Woodwind Collection isn\'t bad for jazz, though it\'s not perfect either. No bass flute though.

    It has some strong forte articulations and decent attacks. Both the clarinet and flute have various short articulations, V and NV sustains, flutters and fp crescendos. What it lacks for jazz IMHO are rises, falls and natural bends. But you can use a bit of pitch wheel, if you\'re careful.

    The thing that makes it the best match is the breath and dirt on these samples. They\'re not sterile, pure tones (thank goodness).

    I\'ve used them in a film noir setting, and they match really well.

    If you\'re looking to do fast runs, however, VSL may be the ticket. WSWC is best for slower stuff with feeling. I\'ve been meaning to program a legato patch for WSWC (by inseting the start point of the sample to skip the attack). I have no idea if VSL has the breath and bends needed for jazz with character though.

    Best of luck in getting the sound you want.

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    Re: Please help, looking for jazz instruments

    I agree, Westgae woodwinds are awesome for slow, ballady types of music.

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    Re: Please help, looking for jazz instruments

    The modern film noir piece I did was really fun. 100% WSWC. I was able to do low rumbles with the contra bassoon. I used the clarinet and bass clarinet multiphonic effects for ambience. The sustains are nice and stable, so you can do major and minor seconds for dissonance. The piece is slow with lots of open space and dissonance. Works great for my current project.

    I usually think of woodwinds as light and happy, but this piece turned out wonderfully dark, haunting, tense and dangerous. Even after owning the library for a few weeks, I had no idea I would be able to pull this off with woodwinds alone.

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    Re: Please help, looking for jazz instruments

    Jon, did you order the upgrade yet? I got the collection when it was 1 cd, and was wondering if the second was worth the investment.

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    Re: Please help, looking for jazz instruments

    I got the upgrade as soon as it was available. To be honest I can\'t remember exactly what wasn\'t in there before, so it\'s hard to give a simple yes/no answer.

    I do like that the lib is more complete and has more articulations across the board. The quality is at least as good as the original. And I think that the contra bassoon wasn\'t part of the original. The CB doesn\'t have a lot of articulations, but the instrument is very useful.

    I\'d say that if you regularly reach for WSWC, then it\'s worth the upgrade. If the library collects dust in your hard drive, then the upgrade won\'t be a big enough enhancement to change that.

    Thinking about it now, I\'m glad I got it.

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