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Topic: Mr down and out (quintet)

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    Mr down and out (quintet)

    This is in more of a traditional vein of jazz. It uses scarbee electric piano, sample modelling horns, steinberg bass, mix and match drum hits. For blending, I think I prefer GPO but I wanted to experiment with the 'sample modelling' samples to see what I could do with it. Please give it a listen. Thanks, Jay


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    Re: Mr down and out (quintet)

    Nice one, Mister Jay! All of the instruments sound very good. I especially liked the electric piano and the drums aren't chopped liver either.

    Thanks for posting this way cool, entertaining ditty.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Mr down and out (quintet)

    Gosh Jay, you're jazz always and immediately transports me to a jazz club. It's just so "real" I can almost touch the players.

    Now since I'm getting back into multiple instrumentation on stage, not just solo piano, I have to ask you a mixing question. I notice in your cues that the lead or melodic line instrument at different sections in you piece always seem to be right in the center, like right in front of you and the stereo field is narrowed. The electric piano has a much wider space. Do you narrow the stereo field on these parts to accomplish that. I like the sound of it and I know by listening to professional tracks that this is standard procedure for jazz. Just wondered how you do it.

    Also, I'm so out of it, but what is sample modeling as it refers to the horns. What are the benefits or strong points of that library?

    Sorry I'm in a questioning mode at present, but only because it's really well done and love the over all sound. As always you are really excellent at putting together different combos of instruments and making it sound like "they've" played together for years!

    Much enjoyed,

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    Re: Mr down and out (quintet)

    Hey Larry! Thank you for the nice comment. I think the 'sample modelling' horn samples have a pretty good sound to them, especially for the solos. I don't usually write for 2 horns so I thought I would try something with a little more tradition in form and style. As always, thanks for taking time to listen. Jay

    Cass! Thanks for listening. I think that the sound that you are talking about comes from minimal panning and a little less reverb. On this piece I barely panned the instruments. The Scarbee electric piano that I used has an inherent wide sound to it. I think that the resulting overall sound of this song comes from the sample libs that I used. 'Sample Modelling' samples have been around for a while and I am surprised that they have not become more popular because I think that they sound very good. They have a little harsher sound to them than JABB and they have good built in articulations. Nothing can beat the bang for the buck that one can get with JABB though. I am glad that you enjoyed this. Jay

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    Re: Mr down and out (quintet)

    This is the piece I wanted before going to bed...... and here it is!! I can't comment on the modelling and other instruments, but why should I? It is just the piece I needed to get rid of the thoughts about my 3rd string quartet. Cool. Maybe a bit more humanizing on the drums, now they sound a bit as from an automated box.......

    Raymond wishes you a good night

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    Re: Mr down and out (quintet)

    Nice Jay. I am really liking these groovy chilling pieces. Brings the feel of sitting in a fancy lounge and having a drink with your buddies! Great work!



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    Re: Mr down and out (quintet)

    Raymond. Thanks for listening to my piece. I hope you got a good nights sleep after the listen.

    Richard. I am glad that you liked my song. I try to get the lounge setting sound with this type of music.
    Thanks to you both. Jay

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    Re: Mr down and out (quintet)

    Aaaaaah, it's jazz time with Jay again - always something to look forward to. I'm trying to squeeze in some more listening time this morning, starting with the oldest post I haven't heard yet - Bingo, I got "Mr. Down and Out" this morning, and mmmmmm yeah it was a totally satisfying experience to listen.

    The instruments all sound super, and there's certainly no "automated box" feel to any of it. Great arrangement, great recording. Outstanding.

    I've said it before, I'll say it again, don't care that I'm redundant because it's so true that You are truly Mr. Jazz, Jay/Jesse!


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    Re: Mr down and out (quintet)

    Hey Randy! Good to hear from you. I did not think anything sounded to 'automated' either. Mr Jazz works for me. I am pleased that you appreciated this piece.

    On another note. Like you, I have been cautiously visiting this site of late. One day it is up and running and another day I get an 'ATTACK SITE' message from my anti virus program. I don't know if they are ever going to fully recover from the hack attack that they had. It would be nice if MAKEMUSIC could finish setting up a music forum similar to this one. I guess time will tell.
    Thanks Jay

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