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Topic: Sample-ordering: How can you ignore the EU-Markets ?

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    Sample-ordering: How can you ignore the EU-Markets ?

    Hi Sample-Producers (like Maarten or Dan Dean),

    Annoying: So often I click on an order-icon for a sample-product and find that there is a nice Dollar price tag
    - and no European offer.

    E.g. Dan Dean´s Wood Wind SINGLE CDs or Maartens SAM Horns...

    Never heard about the huge EU-market and their currency and their import rules ?

    You folks keep on ignoring what high market potential is being lost since you only offer in the U.S. and make us Europeans pay an 19% or something income tax plus - sometimes - exotic and expensive paying and shipping options.

    This is the World-Wide-web, guys!
    - a world wide market.
    Not the US-only-web
    ...and not the Dollar-only-web.


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    Re: Sample-ordering: How can you ignore the EU-Markets ?

    Project SAM is based in Europe. We *have* to add 19% VAT to all products sold within the EU. It\'s the law. Outside the EU, this is not neccessary.

    Also, you\'ll notice shipping is often cheaper within the region the company is based. We are based in Europe, so our shipping is cheaper here. We offer choices for both EU and non-EU. Dan\'s will probably be cheaper in the US, cause he\'s based there.

    What would you like to see changed?
    Payment in Euros? The currency conversion will only be safe you a few cents on a product.

    But it\'s a good thing you brought this up.
    Interesting to see what others will say.


    Maarten Spruijt
    Project SAM

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    Re: Sample-ordering: How can you ignore the EU-Markets ?

    Hi Horst,

    On my webpage www.scarbee.com I have made my currency in EURO and I have 2 shopd - one for citizens in EU (TAX) and one outside EU.

    We have just decide that all UPS/Fedex to anywhere in the world will be only 5 EURO.


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    Re: Sample-ordering: How can you ignore the EU-Markets ?

    Reading this thread I could not help raising an issue that is more about the distributors, not the sample producers. In a sense it is related to the issue you brought up, Horst.

    It seems to me that all the good deals on sample CDs are in the USA. The only time some serious discount is offered by a firm in Europe is when they go out of business or reorganize. Just look at all the deals offered by SoundsOnLine; even when I have to pay additional taxes it is still cheaper for me to buy from them than to buy from a European based company. I can’t remember the last time when I saw a really GOOD deal on BestService for instance.
    Why is it that American entrepreneurs show MUCH more dynamics in their sales strategy than European entrepreneurs, is it a matter of having more guts? Or is it simply failing European politics? Or both?

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    Re: Sample-ordering: How can you ignore the EU-Markets ?

    Jan - not true. Products like VOTA and QL Rare Insrtuments have been cheaper at Best Service than Soundsonline for a long time. Especially when you know that you\'ll have to add European VAT+shipping from the US to SoundsOnline purchases. A lot of sample libraries are cheaper for us Europeans to buy from Best Service than the US.

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    Re: Sample-ordering: How can you ignore the EU-Markets ?

    As I recall, FedEx & UPS are the only US carriers that collect taxes on behalf of the government. If packages are sent by alternative carriers, EU customers are not charged additional taxes on receipt.

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    Re: Sample-ordering: How can you ignore the EU-Markets ?

    Simon, last May I purchased QL Brass and QL VOTA as part of a package deal, and these package deals are something I have never seen from BestService.
    At that time I also bought the EastWest pianos (bosendorfer and Steinway) from BestService, two pianos offered for a price that was a little higher than the price of one. Even after adding taxes my advantage was over $100,-, definitely worthwhile. And SoundsOnLine also has that nice point system, whereby you get 1 point for every dollar spent, so that is a double advantage. And then I have not even mentioned the fact that there were no shipping costs...
    I do not recall having seen these kind of offers at the BestService site, and it is these kind of offers I am talking about.

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    Re: Sample-ordering: How can you ignore the EU-Markets ?

    Jan, Simon,
    The German market is very rigid. Whenever you want to buy classical stuff the only relevant provider IS Best-Service. This is probably why the market is much mess lively than it seems to be in the US. Best Service is practically a monopoly here. We suffer from too less competition, to few special offers. This is why I would like to see more serious an direct competition from abroad or from anywhere in the world.

    Yes of course I would like to pay in Euros, because this is our common currency here. That has nothing to do with saving a few cents or more. Since you are European I question, why you do not also offer in Euros.
    Anyway it is really sad that the price for SAM then goes up to 117,81 - right ?
    This time I have to admit that Best Service have a good offer: GOS in the US costs more or less the same than GOS in Europe for Europeans. Forget about VAT! It is possible!

    Aqua Tarkus,
    Are you sure it depends on the shipping company ? I thought it depends on the customs. Where you do not have home delivery, you have to pick it up somewhere. And you have to pay what is on the green label (or what was not on the green label but what they found inside...).

    I expect international business on the web to be competitive internationally. I hate to pay 20% more just because there is no European deal.


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    Re: Sample-ordering: How can you ignore the EU-Markets ?

    Paying 19% more isn\'t because it\'s NOT an European deal, but the exact opposite: because it IS an European deal! Someone *has* to pay the VAT.

    To me, I don\'t really mind in what currency I pay something online, as long as there aren\'t any costly conversion rates. From dollars to euros is okay, and your credit card will do all the work. You won\'t notice anything.

    Also, in our case, about 85-90% of our customers are USA-based.

    Sales through huge distributors like Soundsonline and Bestservice is something completely different than the online shops of the developer\'s themselves. Distributors have a budget, can keep shipping costs towards the client low or include them and even include VAT in the price (so actually them paying for it). Distributors make discount deals with developers, having a bigger \'window\' to lower a price.


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