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Topic: Save Tara - Black Grand Piano (Live)

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    Save Tara - Black Grand Piano (Live)

    Okay! Here is my next attempt using the midi keyboard. This time everything was played and recorded live through my DAW. There is no midi editing or adjustments... what you here is how I played it on the keyboard. I am really having fun using the keyboard I must say.

    This is the 35th arrangement to, "Save Tara."

    Libraries Used:
    - Black Grand Piano (Sampletekk)



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    Re: Save Tara - Black Grand Piano (Live)


    This is so haunting. Simple, yet it cuts right to the soul.

    The left hand works really well with the right as if only one hand is playing the whole thing.

    You get a marvelous tone out of the Black Grand. I bought this after your recommendation and it shines in music like this. However, I can't make it sound as good as your renderings. I remember you mentioned that you lengthened the release a tad . Do you do anything to the attack? And what reverb setting do you use? You get such a beautiful tone out of this piano, far better than my efforts with this library. Guess you just have the magic touch!!


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    Re: Save Tara - Black Grand Piano (Live)

    Hey Cass,

    Thanks again for the feedback Cass! I am happy that this turned out well on the keyboard. As for the Black Grand Piano, here is the tips I can offer to get it to sound like mine:

    1. Increase the release.
    2. Proper EQ
    3. Reverb (Dreamy style)

    I use sonar and it comes with the Sonitus FX. These are actually my favorite plugins (Only demoed other ones, don't feel like spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars for plugins) these do the job just fine! I use the EQ, and Reverb on some of my voices-based libraries. Their reverb does a really great job in bringing dreamy stuff. However, the reverb I use for mostly everything is Perfect Space Convolution which also comes with Sonar.

    Below is a screenshot of the EQ setting used with Sonitus EQ that I use on the Black Grand all the time. It gives it that lush clean and warm sound. It will make a huge difference!

    Let me know if you need any more help with this, happy to help.



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    Re: Save Tara - Black Grand Piano (Live)

    Hey Richard,

    Thanks for the info, especially the EQ screen shot. That will help a lot because it took me months to get the EQ to my liking on the GAS piano. I'll give it a try tomorrow.


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    Re: Save Tara - Black Grand Piano (Live)

    No problem Cass. One thing I forgot to mention was that I use church or cathedral IRs for perfect space. I find the piano sounds best in those real spaces. They give that nice dreamy effect to the Black Grand, and it blends well. I generally turn the wet signal up to 25-30%. It sounds quite natural but with that magic touch!



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    Re: Save Tara - Black Grand Piano (Live)

    Hello again, Richard - Yesterday, on your other thread, I wrote out some tips about using a MIDI keyboard. Hope you saw that, because I give you the Big Thumbs Up on this new phase of your musical adventures. And now I can see from this thread I'm on now, that you really are having a good time with the keyboard you recently dusted off. That's super.

    Seems like I'm always agreeing with Cass - Well, his posts are so right on!- And I'm echoing what he said about the really nice sound you have on this. It has the classic "dreamy reverb" that I know you especially love, sounding cinematic and lush, and you've worked just enough of it into this recording so it's effective without being overwhelming.

    Recording live and straight through a piece in your DAW program can be fun, and possible when recording a solo. Of course, as I was talking about in more detail in your "First Attempt" thread, using a MIDI keyboard doesn't mean you Have to do long takes that aren't edited.

    This version #35 of Tara is simple enough for you to have recorded it live without frustration, but obviously there will be many projects where you'll have to work in multiple passes and do some PRV editing. I just don't want you to get balled up feeling you Have to do long takes that don't need any editing. Every project's different!--And - they'll all be even more fun to work on now that you're back to using your keys.


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    Re: Save Tara - Black Grand Piano (Live)

    Thanks again for the listen, I read your other post on her melody. Thanks again for the cheers and encouragement to get me to use this keyboard! It really does make difference!

    I was able to do this with both hands. Save Tara is quite simple melody and after years of composing and arranging it I am very familiar with it. I don't think there are too many compositions I could do as well as this one at the moment, but practice makes you better!

    It was interesting just doing a live recording with no editing! But you are right! Some projects will need sequencing and editing. PRV is a such a handy tool. Unfortunately, I indeed tend to abuse the snap settings . In some of my newer compositions I try to simulate a non-perfect playing by randomizing tempo speed throughout the entire composition. It also seems to do add a little shine to realism.

    Well, here I go... the new ERA is about to begin of RICK's music (MIDI KEYBOARDING)!!! It's going to take some time, but I can see why it is so important using the keyboard!



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