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Topic: HELP! Samples in kontakt+Sonar 3

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    HELP! Samples in kontakt+Sonar 3

    I am having problems loading samples. I am using Sonar 3 and loading the samples through kontakt, which I am loading through sonar 3 as a VST, it can\'t reload the samples once I save them as a preset. Like when I origianlly load a SAM trumpet sample from the SAM solo trumpet (stage), kontakt says that it can\'t find that sample. What do I need to do to be able to have kontakt reload these, or maybe I am just loading kontakt completey wrong.


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    Re: HELP! Samples in kontakt+Sonar 3

    Make sure you save the song file after making any changes so Sonar saves it with the song. I\'ve noticed that if I do a Save As that I need to hit play and then save the song again. Then it loads properly the next time.

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