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Musical Measures is a web-based community created by young musicians. In our everyday life it is very common for us to meet, talk and discuss with new musicians about our music and theirs. We noticed how frequent it is to listen to great music and make new friends and colleagues over the internet so we decided to build up a community. By signing up to Musical Measures (a completely FREE service) you\'ll be able to join a constantly growing database of young musicians, to increase traffic on your web site by having more visitors interested in your activity and experience and to easily find friends, knowledge and sessionists/performers for your music. This is going to be extremely productive in the digital age, allowing you to meet and gig with distant talented musicians like you. It is about the music you like, performed better!

Some good reasons to join:

1 - Increase the number of visitors in your site
2 - Enter a community of prestigious young talented musician, share knowledge, resources and informations
3 - Easily find other musicians for your needs (recordings, live events, projects, knowledge, questions)
4 - Easily find patches for your synth and any kind of knowledge/resource for your instrument
5 - Expose yourself to the public and be easier to find when someone needs your experience
6 - Everything is completely free
7 - You can finally join a serious group of musicians, diversifying yourself from all the other cheap commercial sites
8 - Every hour you\'ve spent studying and all the other ones you are going to spend are finally something a site appreciates and proposes to the public, instead of putting your mind and heart into a binary-coded database

I don\'t have a home page! Can you help me? Can I still join?

Sure we can. We have a \"Musical Measures Book of Talents\" in which we place informations about every member of the community, included you. Your space includes: a picture and informations about you and, of course, your music. We are able to host 1 mp3 (44.1Khz, 128kbit/sec, stereo), otherwise if the mp3s are hosted elsewhere, we can post links to as many mp3s you have. We will also post links to your website and email address if you have them. For anything related to the \"Musical Measures book of Talents\", email us.

Where\'s the deal? There are lots of other sites offering your services!

That\'s true, absolutely. Lots of other sites have similar services, but don\'t have our philosophy. You can join those sites AND join us, or simply join another site. There\'s something we would like to point out, though: Did you ever had satisfaction from those sites? We mean: Did they ever made you feel realised as musician? There are lots of more important things that make a musician\'s career happy, satisfacted and realised, but: did those sites contribute (even in a smaller part) to build a stronger sense of your musicianship? If you think they did it, well you are free to go on with them and leave us be..but if you sense that you intimately got nothing from them, then you should try joining and building the very first community which focuses on everything you slowly and hardly built up, studied, discovered, played and enjoyed.

Visit Musical Measures Web Site!

It is a free site me and some friends of mine have put up, I hope you like it.

Best regards,